Watch a woman ski in Jeddah’s epic floods!

jeddah female water skierHeavy rain pummeled Jeddah this week, a Saudi Arabian city on the Red Sea, flooding streets, submerging cars, and closing schools. At least two people died, and hundreds were left stranded. Critics credit poor urban planning for the city’s inability to cope with unusual precipitation. Others argue that the event is a wake-up call to prepare for extreme weather caused by climate change. Green Prophet found one woman who saw a joyful opportunity in the roads-turned-to-rivers. Step back from the debate and enjoy!

Last September, the conservative religious kingdom of Saudi Arabia issued a decree granting women the right to drive, the result of years of activism and appeals both from within and outside the Gulf nation. That new “freedom” will not come into effect until in June next year.

Apparently this anonymous athlete doesn’t have the patience to wait.

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