Plan Your Travel Budget – Choose a Travel Credit Card Smartly

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When you go on a vacation, and hopefully it will be one that treads light on this planet, be sure to have a credit card at hand to pay for your purchases in an easy and fast way. Gold coins are definitely in the past and carrying around traveller’s checks or cash isn’t safe.

Of course, you may plan your budget and take cash with you, but it is quite difficult to calculate all your expenses for your trip beforehand. In this case, a credit card will become a heaven-sent opportunity for you. No matter what country you go to and how many days you are going to stay there, we strongly advise you to have a plastic in your wallet. Note that far from every credit card is good to be used in a travel, and there is a range of criteria you are to consider when deciding what plastic to take with you on a trip.

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Selecting a travel credit card proposed by effectify financial service it is necessary to take into account the following things:

  • ATM bank fee – to assure no extra commission in charged from your banking account, check its service policies. It is also important to specify how much the bank will charge for withdrawal of money in a different country. Commissions vary for one bank to another and may be in a form of a certain percentage or a predefined amount.
  • Bank partnership programs – your bank may have some “partner” banks in a country of your destination. They will charge less. Therefore, it is advised to specify what these banks are.
  • Discount programs – all the banks offer different discount programs to their clients. For example, you can get some points or a gift for paying with a credit card in a shop. Some airlines offer great discounts on air tickets purchased with a specific type of a credit card. So if you want to save money, check all these promotions and discount programs beforehand.
  • Currency exchange rate – if you are going to a country with a currency different from yours, it is necessary to think about currency change rate. The thing is that you risk losing a lot of money on a simple currency change transaction.

According to the Huffington post statistics, a total of 66,960,943 Americans traveled outside the country in 2016. And one of the popular destinations was Europe, with almost 12 thousand Americans heading to the U.K., Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Denmark. These numbers again prove how much it is important to plan the financial factor of your trip to avoid unnecessary expenses and charges.

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