The Silicon Valley for agriculture to be built in Denmark


We all need better food in our lives.

Now Denmark is putting its stake in the ground and ploughing ahead with new ideas. It’s working with leading architects and is making investments in a making huge investments in a balanced whole-systems and ecological approach to growing our food.


William McDonough + Partners, GXN, 3XN Architects, BCVA and Urland have put together the master plan the Agro Food Park (AFP), which is built on an existing hub of agricultural innovation center. The firms designed a connection between research and business and urban agriculture to the needs of food of tomorrow can be me without further degrading our planet.


The original food park opened in 2009 and is owned and run by The Danish Agriculture & Food Council. William McDonough + Partners said it is expected to “create synergies among the many existing tenants while building an ecosystem inviting new entities to further strengthen products and expertise developed within the hub.”

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“Embracing Agro-Urban Ecosystem Design, the AFP treats urban and agricultural development together as a unified, productive and restorative ecosystem,” said William McDonough + Partners.


“By integrating the carbon cycle and other ecological processes into large scale urban systems and their surroundings – buildings and energy flows, water cycles and wastewater treatment, land use and food production – the AFP creates economic value within the urban and agricultural infrastructure.”

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