We hate cancer: 7 ways can you prevent it in your modern world


Few health issues remain at the forefront of minds more than cancer. This deadly disease affects millions daily, and there are many habits in our modern world that contribute to the likelihood of cancer. While no bona fide cure has been located as of yet, there are many easy solutions you can use in your everyday life to reduce your risk of cancer.

1. Quit Tobacco

News flash: tobacco kills, and causes a host of different cancers. No doubt you’re aware, but many still find it hard to put down that cigarette. Luckily, there is a solution for even the most staunch of smokers. In recent years, many smokers have switched to electronic cigarette alternatives, and one study claims using these in place of traditional cigarettes may be 95 percent safer.

Companies who offer e-cigarettes or vape pens offer multiple flavors and a feel that resembles smoking without thousands of toxic chemicals.

Users looking for an alternative to dangerous tobacco products can try NJOY vaping and greatly reduce their intake of cancer-causing agents. Another benefit? Vaping pens and electronic cigarettes don’t form toxic secondhand smoke, meaning those around you are safe.

3. Put Down the Fast Food

Another simple fix to help you avoid cancer is to ensure your BMI is in a healthy range. Certain studies purport that falling in the correct body mass index range for your height can reduce your risk of cancer by a whopping 18 percent. This combines a mixture of lifestyle habits. Fried foods provide no nutritional value, can lead to obesity, and a regular diet of fatty, fried creations can mean a 37 percent higher chance of cancer. Heating foods in oil at high temperatures can cause the creation of carcinogenic compounds. In its place, load your plate with a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, and non-processed foods.

3. Get Active

In today’s world, many jobs revolve around an office, leading workers to sit for hours at a time. It turns out, lack of movement can lead to a higher risk of cancer. There are a variety of ways to combat this unhealthy habit. Set an alarm and walk around for five minutes each hour, ask your boss if you can switch to using a standing desk, or check out a product designed to increase levels of movement and reduce a sedentary lifestyle. Along with your daily movement, add in about an hour of physical exercise every day.

4. Tan Skin Isn’t Worth It

If you’re going to tanning beds to bronze your skin, stop immediately. The UV rays soaked into your skin during even a single session damage the surface of your skin and can quickly lead to cancers like melanoma. The same goes for natural sunlight.

Before venturing out, slather on sunscreen to make sure your skin is protected. Using a sunless tanning spray like Kiehl’s Sun Free Self-tanning formula can provide that bronzed look you crave, without the risk of cancer.

5. Breastfeeding

Mothers who breastfeed their babies are more likely to avoid breast cancer later on in life. Breastfeeding your child for as long as possible reduces the risk of cancerous cells, especially if you do it for over a year. Keeping the breast cells stimulated and active for a longer period of time thwarts their ability to misbehave. Breastfeeding also slows or prevents the menstrual cycle, meaning women have lower levels of estrogen that can result in cancerous activity.

6. Better Rest, Better Life

A bad sleeping pattern and insufficient rest are correlated to a bevy of health issues. One of the most dangerous is severe sleep apnea, and those who suffer from this sleeping issue are five times as likely to die of cancer. If your partner has repeatedly complained about your snoring and you wake up feeling more tired than you did before going to bed, talk to your doctor about a sleep apnea diagnosis. Fixing this health issue can greatly reduce the risk of cancer, and help you finally get a good night’s rest.

7. Screening Sessions

Making cancer screening sessions a priority can mean the difference between life and death. Those who have a family history of cancer, even those experiencing no symptoms at all, can greatly benefit from regular exams and testing for cancerous agents. Earlier detection can mean a better chance of full recovery. Depending on risk factors, whether from genetic and environmental causes, doctors can prescribe a variety of tests to look for early signs of cancer. If you’re eligible for cancer screening, seize the opportunity. It could change your life.

Scientists continue to work on cures for all types of cancer, but in the meantime, there are plenty of things you can do to reduce the risk for yourself and for those around you.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts. Cancer is a threatening disease and great concern all over the world. What about the effects of harmful chemicals found in cleaning products?

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    Excellent advice, which is part of why I am cancer free.

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