Cultivate your own “pocket park” with a 3D planted garden

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Wearable Planter is an art and design studio based in Atlanta, Georgia where owner Colleen Jordan creates tiny vases that blur the line between housewares and accessories. The geometric 3D-printed vessels (a/k/a “jewelry for green thumbs”) are water-resistant. Plant one with a bonsai-sized succulent or lilliputian flower arrangement and celebrate spring with a live plant in your pocket!

Colleen JordanJordan explains on her website, “We believe that the world would be a happier place if people appreciated nature a little more, and were willing to carry a plant close to their heart from time to time.” You said it, sister.

The colorful containers prompt smiles. They are made from nylon fiber and dyed in Easter-egg colors, then sealed with acrylic varnish. The planters are available as pendants, rings, brooches and clip-on vases – perfect for tagging your bike handles or baby stroller.Colleen Jordan

Most feature a flat bottom so they can sit on a tabletop when not being worn.  Prices hover around $30, but there are other items besides the 3D-printed vases – such as seed-bomb kits – that don’t break a ten-dollar bill. The business started in 2011 and has a continually evolving product line.

Colleen JordanThree-dimensional printing allows Jordan to create more complex forms than older manufacturing techniques had allowed. The process minimizes waste, centralizes design and production, and reduces inventory as items are made on demand – all of which reduces the start-up’s environmental impact.

wearable planter 3

The vases can be sent anywhere, but postal regulations prohibit shipping plants through the mail. Customers who happen to be in Atlanta can stop by the studio and pick up a plant to pop in their planters. Everyone else can visit their website to learn how to plant their own – with clear directions for working with cut succulents, air plants, and cut flowers.  There are also excellent how-to guides on making your own seed bombs, growing food on a windowsill, creating a terrarium in a light bulb – and general info on playing in dirt.

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  81. jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASETraditionally that was explained by God being omnipotent. ish. God is said to be omnipotent in a few different ways, Irenaeus/followers of soul making theodicies belied that God can only do the logically possible, not the logically impossible.
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  82. But hey, it a free country. If you want to defend those racist dickweeds, that your right. Have at it. This dad just took a mirror and showed to the world what these pricks thought was just aimed at a few.
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  83. I not referring to just childcare. There is also elderly care and care for the less abled. Having milk producing tits is not a valid argument for who should be a primary caregiver to a baby, child, elderly person, or less abled person.overview for SebayaKeto
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  84. This implication makes me feel terrible and I sure this can be good for motivation.
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  85. My day was filled to the top with all those kind of activities. I either didn have time or thought it was too boring to learn. That why I surfed all my schools.
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  86. I can see where you coming from but I have yet to meet the man who invests the same amount of effort I put into the relationship. I not saying that the man has to do everything but I firmly believe that as a woman, mother nature screwed us over big time. I will never be able to feel as sexually pleased as a man, I will always have shitty menstrual cramps and mood swings that come with it, I will have to bear children and if I don my worth as a woman will be diminished. Not to mention what I have to put my body through in order to create little humans. Don mean to sound like a huge jerk but a dinner and flowers once in a while wouldn kill men. Those around me consider me a good looking gal and I 22 and have never ever received flowers.overview for RationalSocialist
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  87. In STEM fields, your opinion doesn really matter: it not going to fix your broken code or make your model bridge not collapse.
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  88. Now, back to my point. Different operating systems are built upon different concepts. There different layers between the kernel, the window manager, graphics handling (why so many games are windows only), etc. In general the implementation of these different levels are very specific. Handling how a window displays and interacts with the OS in windows is very different than how it works in OSX. for this reason is usually takes a lot of work to do the migration from operating system to operating system.
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  89. [UPDATE] My [25/M] girlfriend [25/F] of 3 years is very picky and only eats greasy kids meal type foods like pizza and chicken nuggets. I 23 and I use to have this problem. I only ate carbs and starches. Not quite as bad as her but definitely not healthy. I avoided going to other people houses for dinner because I was embarrassed and I didn want to hurt their feelings. If I went out to dinner I usually got a burger or steak never ventured out on the menus.
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  90. I wouldn say they have at least one terrible match a week, but they usually have at least one match that most fans just don want to see.
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  91. What song can you not get out of your head lately? pompeii by bastille because i have a running joke with one of my friends about this songoverview for Rosetti
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  92. But should we want to discourage police from thinking that their questions should be answered, we likely end up with that ticket and points on our license, rather than a warning. I guess this is necessary. We give up the privilege of the cops being our buddies when we choose to fight their tactics for busting people with drugs.
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    It sounds like your boyfriend has a history of deception, what with the HIV incident and him trying out different drugs. Now you made it clear that you didn want it to go on, and so he specifically made plans to do drugs behind your back. That is absolutely not okay.
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  95. Remember what I said about assuming? You assumed 2 things here that couldn be more far off
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    On the other hand, by using a data set with generally lower geared people, you are measuring specs that do not require a lot of gear to do well.
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  97. People make choices. They should be accountable for those choices.
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  98. This contrasts with the batch processing or time sharing models that allowed larger, more expensive minicomputer and mainframe systems to be used by many people, usually at the same time. A related term is “PC” that was initially an acronym for “personal computer”, but later became used primarily to refer to the ubiquitous Wintel platform.
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  99. Why it should go up market permitting:
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  100. Celtic religion, made famous from the works by Julius Caesar, famously used human sacrifice
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  101. So he points out that like we know that some deductions and credits start to phase out. I not sure if he understood my question completely. I think he read it more like, do people pay more in taxes as they get older. I was asking more specific like “Can someone who made $110,000 and took home $85k after taxes make $115k and take home $84. But still, looks like it must happen more often than I thought.overview for ryegye24
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  102. Red Sox: Have become budget conscious (in a smart way not meant as an insult) and have some serious upper level young talent in their minor league system. I don see them taking on the risk of $80 million to add another infielder to their system which already includes Betts, Cecchini, Devers, Marrero and company (plus Boegarts in the bigs). The risk/reward for them combined with their recent fiscal responsibility tells me they won enter into/win a bidding war for him.
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    I am drunk, and a depressed person (though I am good now) who does no do enough in general. What should I do that is exciting? I am open to anything, except sex which nobody will grant me (except a crackhead next door). Good things stem from it; happier mood, more energy, etc. Basically, things that could start you off in a better direction. I been in similar places as you, and it worked for me (though I admit i the type to go in and out of phases with it). Getting started is the hardest part, but once you establish a rhythm, it could be a catalyst for a happier and healthier lifestyle.overview for sarcasticgal07
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  104. jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEWhen I started in the early 1970’s, the only women in the beef industry were working as secretaries in the office. I was the first woman in Arizona to handle cattle in the feedlot. The scene in the HBO movie where the bull testicles were left on my windshield actually happened. Being a woman in a man’s world was a much bigger issue than being autistic. There were some good people in the industry that recognized my abilities. I found it was much easier to sell them the equipment or design than it was to actually convince them to handle cattle calmly. I had to be twice as good as a man. It frustrated me that men could mess up a design project and still have a job. There were some good people that supported me and encouraged me to keep working. I learned I had to sell people my work. When I showed people my drawings of handling facility designs, they were impressed.
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  105. When I first started teaching, I presented some material that was too complicated, and I realized that I had to break it down into simpler parts so that all my students could understand. In the classroom, I like to avoid jargon and try to present information in a straightforward, simple manner. In my livestock handling class, I require the students to complete several types of assignments. Students are required to design a cattle handling facility, which a visual, problem solving. They are also required to conduct a research project where they are required to pick a narrow topic relating to animal behavior, and find two relevant abstracts from four separate scientific databases. The reason I pick a narrow subject is to require them to dig into the databases. The final in the class is a written essay type exam. These varying types of assignments provide the opportunity for students to succeed in my class even if one type of assessment isn’t their favorite. I also believe that they should learn different fundamental skills that will serve them well in the real world. I hope that these varying exercises provide them exposure to these real life problem solving skills.
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  106. The military is used to enforce our economic desires abroad. Thinking of switching off the dollar as your international trade currency? Let me remind you that we have the best false flag operatives in the world AND the world first and second largest air force.
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  107. The characters Bowser is “smashing” in this gallery are (in order of how much art they have):Princess Daisy (Technically, she is in Smash Bros as an alt skin of Peach; plus, I figured I might as well include her since I including Rosalina);Samus Aran;
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  108. jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEAs a published researcher, I been very forthcoming with my friends, family, and significant others that if marriage were to be an issue, me keeping my name is for granted. I even a little more extreme than many of my peers in being adamant about any future children I have sharing my name, through hyphenation or whatever. I can accept not sharing a name with my children and I think it ludicrous that it taken for granted that they would have my husband name before mine, or, most reasonably, both, if ours were to be different.
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  109. in the hallway i ask my classmate, why was that patient calling us tortilla makers? classmate bursts out laughing, and tells me that TORTILLERA is slang for lesbian in cuban spanish.overview for readparse
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  110. This is as good a reason as any to find loyalty IMO. My loyalties are all over the place with F1. I like alot of teams and alot of drivers and that often gives me cognitive dissonance.
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  111. I feel bad enough that I really want you to learn what fallacies are, so I sticking around for a bit. I cool like that.
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  112. High five!
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  113. Can speak for other girls, but that logic right there is exactly why I don normally approach guys. I would much rather be shot down than given a soft yes because I made it easy for him by being the first to approach. Most girls are approached by plenty of guys who show earnest interest and are attractive to boot. It makes little sense for them to thrust themselves onto initially disinterested guys hoping that they say yes because she met their minimum requirements for attractiveness and has made it extraordinarily convenient on top of that.
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  114. I eventually manage to get him into the tub with my grandmother help. He tense, but noticeably calmer, blabbering to me about his “first wife” even though he only ever married my grandmother. My grandmother goes back to the guest room, presumably to begin cleaning up, and I help him bathe. He completely silent and cooperative as I dry him off and cover him in a towel. He can walk without his cane, so I sit him down on the toilet and go back to the guest room to reclaim it for sanitizing.
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  115. jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEYoung Entrepreneurs Across America is a cover for the same deal. I actually went pretty far with it (student painters) my freshman year, all the way up to when I was supposed to hire painters. I still have access to the shared performance log. About 1/4 of the people who attended the training weekend lasted the Summer. One person out of 30 or so made more than you would have earned at a minimum wage summer job. And I promise it more work than any regular lame summer job. The company gets over 40% of revenue. You write in 15 to 20% profit for yourself. It likely that you incur some unexpected cost. You could spend money on a job. The company always gets their 40%. If you manage to factor in the 60 % profit accurately, your price will be higher than more experienced painters in the area.
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  116. Most people have a range of acceptable caloric intake for weight stability. That range may be something like 1823 2047 calories per day, where if you eat any amount in that range, you will stay weight stable. Basal metabolic rate shifts to compensate for your higher or lower caloric intake within this amount. All this is separate from effects of exercise, but exercising also has a range like effect. But the size and mean of this ranges varies from person to person based on genetics, among other factors.overview for seabie
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  117. Friendships are so strange, aren they? It like you just cruising along, feeling secure that a certain person feels the same way about you and then the rug gets pulled from under your feet. I always considered my closest friends to still have their status even if phone calls have dwindled because of kids and life and jobs. But they don always feel the same way!
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  118. The way I see it, worrying ourselves now about the potential existential threat caused by AI way in the future is like worrying ourselves about the fact that our Sun will eventually burn out. Yes, the Sun will burn out at some point and we very likely develop AGI at some point in the far future but it so far in the future that planning for it now is jumping the gun by far.
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  119. I just tired of all these institutions in my life not giving a fuck about me. I been at my job over 2 years and I still treated like utter shit. I been at my other job over 3 years and they pretend that the only reason I work there is because i dating their son and they have to keep me, which is bullshit because they couldn find a replacement if they tried and also I one of the best employees they have. But that never recognized. Also, the school that takes thousands of dollars in tutition from me every year is pretty much refusing to send me my textbooks for some reason or another and their tech support is useless. And I have all the stress of our move coming up and I so scared that I won be able to find a job. So scared.
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  120. I stand by my choice to never have children. I think my only hang up once faced with the actual decision, was that my own mother was a millisecond away from aborting me when she was pregnant, and my grandmother stepped in and stopped her and I never saw my mother after I was born. She did end up being free of me, but I am so thankful for my life now. I think I just had a moment on that table realizing that I was that clump of cells at one time. And I was almost scraped out and discarded just like the fetus that I aborted was. Just kind of a big pill to swallow being the cerebral person I am.overview for secretxletters
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  121. We can let this continue. We must fight back. We must start using the n word whenever we can. If you fear for your life saying it in public, use the internet. Go on a hip hop forum and post comments with the n word, nobody will know you white. Any small effort can help us defeat the only racial double standard in effect today.overview for salutdamour
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  122. That dome is an experimental device for harvesting power from plasma in the Earth ionosphere. It would been a significant increase in power supply for Earth, and would also been almost/virtually pollution free.
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  123. That the hardest part of the whole process, you gotta open up and stop being ashamed of your problem.
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  124. jump to contentmy subredditsMODERATOR OFwhat’s this?TROPHY CASEI see an online store more as marketing. Unless you exclusively an online, it just a bonus if someone hits the buy now button.
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  125. STEM is made up of disciplines where there are right answers. There only one answer to 2+2 or what the chemical formula for lithium is and if it not what you got written down then you gotten it wrong.
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  126. So my only course of action, if my income is based off game criticism, is to sign a contract with nintendo and let them clear it for monetization. I must then give THE COMPANY THAT I AM CRITICIZING the money my criticism makes. In a legally binding agreement. This is the only way to make a reasonable amount of money off a video with nintendo footage in it. No matter how fair use it is, because youtube content match system works that way.
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  127. So, like I said, I a beginner. I stumbled across this subreddit this past Wednesday. I hadn washed my hair for 4 days at that point, and according to the sidebar it says you can do a clarifying wash with any shampoo you have laying around, so I figured having used Pantene qualified and I was ready for my first CG co wash.
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  128. Gender differences in depression is a very interesting subject, and I think speaks volumes about the patriarchal value system of our society.
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    The original few would have to take a “leap of faith” I guess just like with any cross league trade. But as an example I already mediated trades for people like Gregg Zaunn in the past as well as offer services within the challenge leagues (uber service to be specific). There are things people can do to make them “trustworthy.”
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  130. jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASESeveral years ago, a local multi billion dollar company held a massive promotion. Basically, the more of their product you purchased, the more points you accumulate. Inside each of their products was a unique 12 digit code (letters and numbers). Once you got he code, you would input this into your online account and you rack up points.
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    I would disagree with you completely on this.
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  133. I getting married in April.
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  134. jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEI on my 150+ days of NC, and let me tell you from my current experience: my ex stopped all contact with me one day, so I never had a discussion with her about our break up; she just quit all contact, which in this case. NC. What makes this difficult for me is that she is still a friend to my brother, so the temptation of asking about her status arise. I not gonna lie, there are days when suddenly a “what if” situation pops in your head. Its only natural that it happens but when you dwell on it, you will just dig a deeper, emotional hole when you should be healing. I slowly begun to forget about her, but I never going to forget the time we spent together because that is my experience alone. What boils down to is this, and Believe me, you DO NOT (YOU DO NOT) need that closure; what doesn kill you will make you stronger. I suggest that you occupy your mind with errands like making a list of things to do for the day. Continue asking questions and consulting the /nocontact community. Read articles about how to deal with breakups and NC. Just keep yourself busy. I have a very close friend who has gone through so many relationships that I go to him about stuff like this, but I try to make sure I limit my discussions regarding the situation. The best thing about my good friend. he always asks me how I doing even after so many months since my break up. Last but not least, a rebound sometimes get an individual back up on their feet again, but it won last and you right. you don need that. I know from experience. I more than happy to help if ever you want to talk, in the mean time I recommend this site to you for it has helped me get back on the right track. (There is a specific topic on that site regarding closures in a break up.)Thank you for your kind words. It helps a lot, you know? I feel like I the oddball in my group with this kind of belief but I surrounded by guy friends who would support the idea of a one night stand, and I would just nod and agree, but in my mind “I don want to pass the torch of being hurt to someone else”. To put it lightly and slightly humorous, she plucked on my heart strings. We weren at the stage of saying “I love you” but I was nearly getting to that. In my other relationships it wasn as difficult to move on, but this recent relationship seems tougher on me and I guessing it because I gave my body to her if. that makes any sense.
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  135. In my personal opinion, greek life is MUCH larger at other schools. It also probably smaller at others, but when I attended (2010 2014) Greek life was less than %25 of the student body, which is a significantly low number country wide. But in the end it will really be up to your own resolve not to fall in with the freshman who are heading out to get trashed on a Tuesday night. Tough one IMHO! The way I see it, even if you two do manage to go on a few dates, it doesn sound like it going to get any easier with this guy. He still going to be timid and falling flat and you going to have to be the one leading the entire way. And if he really has no experience like you say, down the (hypothetical) road, you will probably find him making similar relationship mistakes that you made, except ones that YOU made a LONG time ago.overview for raychull17
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  136. Theoretically, the FC can ONLY cap if they get past every defender (everyone on your team). If you playing D, your full time job is preventing that from happening. Offense will hopefully help while the enemy has your flag, or at least not get in your way but you should always assume that it entirely up to you unless you really trust your teammates.
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  137. T4 May have been better to just play the Drake but the owl is still good. Should have attacked the Piloted Shredder with the Harvest Golem. It gives you a stronger board presence and 3 health is safe against a hunter.
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEAll people stand on the shoulder of the giants that preceded them.
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  139. I hope nobody else has to go through this. It so traumatic for anyone that has to.
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  140. I running them through the Starter Set campaign for DnD 5e. We finished the first goblin encounter and everything went fairly well in terms of fun, the combat was just a little sluggish because I kept having to reference back to spells which I will now print out to avoid combat pauses.overview for rosavseveryone
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  141. While I basically agree with this thought there are a few differences. If there is no relationship desired by the “plate” she is just a fuck buddy. If there is no sexual desire by the guy then he is just a friend. Women tend to be a lot more up front with what they want and will ask over and over again for some kind of reaffirmation that the whole plate thing is moving towards a relationship.
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  142. Now, that said, your second sentence can be interpreted two ways with different results:
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  143. 1. Plus, my DOR would NOT be happy at all.
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  144. You have a right to be uncomfortable and want it to stop. But if you going to convince her, you have to acknowledge why she thinks it different. Your strongest point for is going to be that some things should be reserved for you and her, regardless of gender or orientation. That if it was a girl friend of hers it would bother you too (assuming that true).
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  145. Government laws enforce the monopoly. Businesses do what it takes to compete and with government rigging the market, they have to pay for laws too if they want to compete. But without the angel faced government to do it with, it would actually be about the better product/service winning. It would actually be the will of the people. Put your money where your mouth is as they say, but with government you can just make someone else pay.
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  147. I actually spent time working at an animal shelter and as part of a spay/neuter program and with vet techs who worked on euthanasia. It definitely more humane than letting those pets linger in shelters for years but the idea that they don fare well on their own is really anthropomorphic when you remove the cruelty they faced at the hands of humans back in the 1860s. It not as if squirrels live relatively awesome lives. They predated on by birds and stray cats. They get hit by cars all the time. If we put down urban/suburban animals as an alternative to those sorts of rough lives, then we should be putting down squirrels as well. But we don Because they aren major nuisance animals.
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  148. Really there is nothing in any other maths exam board which OCR doesn have. just makes sense to use their books. I a mature student as well (21yo) and have got my AS/A2 in maths and also have sat FP1/FP2/FP3 (AS in further pure) so I using OCR to go over applied stuff (M2 currently).
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  149. Anyways, on to the album. The three track flow from Take Pills to I Not is probably one of the strongest I ever heard. The only other PP album I listened to was PBMTGR, which again shows PB great penchant for experimenting yet making it enjoyable. Also (judging by PP and PBMTGR), he has this uncanny ability to make a very diverse record (compare the weird synths of I Not to the guitar chords of Bros to the unsettling piano of Good Girl) yet somehow keep a constant flow beneath it. I just love how this record mixes up electronic, baroque pop, psychedelic music, indie rock and ambient all into one package and his voice as well really just complements the weird instrumentation on the music. I have to give bonus points for the great album art as well.
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  150. I literally sat there for a very long time staring at the wall and trying to keep as calm as possible and to try and slow my heart from beating out of my chest.
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    If you mostly just looking for news, I try to find an aggregator that you comfortable with. Twitter fantastic for that if you follow the right accounts.overview for smokeinthevalley
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  152. That the thing, that what fairy tales are made of. You wish you could do all these things, fly like Peter Pan, telekineses i think it called.
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  153. I do fairly well with creative thinking and analytical tasks, but one thing I NOT good at is details. I know everyone likes to say they detail oriented, but I really just not. I horrible at math (I have mild math dyslexia), and so I really struggle when I have to deal with spreadsheets and so forth for research. I much better with people skills, creativity, and big picture sorts of tasks.overview for shaleesmo
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  154. Antimagic is a really, really good brand against magic users if you not using your mana (many good players consider it the best brand in the game against spellcasting enemies, even better than holy against demons and mummies in extended). The eveningstar does way more damage, but the morningstar could still be worth carrying.
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  155. Similar, but I don have a picture. I was driving around exploring the back roads around my college, turned a bend to find this huge vacant mansion. Got out, walked around to look at it a bit then went back to the car. Couldn find my keys in any of my pockets. I retraced my steps around the perimeter of the house and finally, giving up, walked to the closest neighboring house to call someone to get the extra key from my apt and bring it out (this was before cell phones).
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  156. I dont drink often, but when I do, it almost always to lower my inhibitions. (And I don like the taste of most alcohol, so it very rarely just for the “enjoyment” of it.)
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  161. One hand of government (or in reality, a Frankenstein hand that is the government and private sector acting together) puts people on a list of the most feared/hated group of the era (today it terrorists, previously it was communists, witches, etc). That hand isn too scary, it just putting tags on people, identifiers visible in a database.
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  185. For the record, not calling people out and actively encouraging them are not the same thing. When hitting on people, it always best to look for active encouragement, not just passive tolerance.
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  202. But this barely scratches the surface, of what is an enormous topic, if you have any more questions (be them more specific or not) feel free to ask. Also, have a look at the Ask Historians FAQ, there a subsection on religion, and you might find some more answers there.
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  205. Labs are a bit on the large side and pretty energetic. You might be able to have one where you live now but it might make it harder to find a place that will rent to you when you have to move (then again, I live in a country where very few landlords are ok with pets so maybe it not as huge a deal for you). You might have time to exercise the dog now, but what about when you start working?
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  206. Let it Go is my favorite, but in terms of the story, I think Do You Wanna Build a Snowman is the most important (if we include the dialogue, which I am). It not only sets the personality of both girls but it also shows the conditions in which each grew up. It shows Anna, ignorant of her sister curse and the distress it causes the family, growing up being able to roam freely and do as she pleases. And Elsa, alone and scared of herself and for everyone around her, dealing with everything on her own, not even letting her own parents touch her. They were both alone throughout all of this and it goes from adorable to heart wrenching in .2
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  212. I certainly did pay a lot of attention to Occupy Wall Street and have been very supportive of their efforts. They raised two powerful points which have, I believe, gotten a whole lot of traction. First, the incredible power of Wall Street, where five out of the six largest banks that we bailed out because they were “too big to fail” are all bigger today than when we bailed them out. Second of all, the Occupy movement talked about income and wealth inequality, an issue which we are hearing more and more about every day. In my view, the great moral, economic and political issue of our day is the growing income and wealth inequality which we have. If we are to avoid becoming an oligarchic form of society, this is an issue that must be dealt with.overview for SensibleMadness
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  216. jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEIf they are giving you a 15 channel PRI you should know it not a true PRI. A PRI (basically a T1) would have 23 channels. Anything less than that means they are setting aside some bandwidth on an Internet circuit for voice. Sometimes this is called a Flex PRI. It not necessarily a bad thing, but I just wanted you to know what you are getting.
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  222. I say the fact that Jenks has made single handedly made all fixes necessary to keep things running for the past 6 months says a few things about how he has helped all MC Next players in a big way. He has been massively dedicated and has worked incredibly hard on it for half a year now. And at no point has he implied that “the entire community” is hacking. You comparing Jenks to hackers who are deliberately literally shutting down the server, which is utterly ridiculous. Why don you add that he is “literally Hitler” or something as well for good measure. Your claims are nonsensical. No matter what you believe about Jenks, he is undeniably the reason you even been able to play the past 6 months. And he deserves a shitton of respect for the amount of work he has put in.overview for Reesespeanuts
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  223. And it not just significant things. It the little things. How often do we actually do nice things for our friends. Or are we just showing up and being around. Like somehow gracing people with our Faggot selves somehow is enough. No. Friendship is hard work. It means going above and beyond for people. Actually doing things for them.
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  226. It would also be cool if this can be converted into an app so if you don know if a shade works for you then you can put it in the search bar and it say if it works with cool/warm tones, etc. That be great!
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  230. 2) I have two nearly identical pots, with the same amount of water, the only difference being that one pot is twice as tall as the other. If they are both already at equilibrium at the same temperature, the pressures inside both of the pots will be the same, and the amount of molecules being exchanged between gas and liquid phases will also be the same.
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  233. While I basically agree with this thought there are a few differences. If there is no relationship desired by the “plate” she is just a fuck buddy. If there is no sexual desire by the guy then he is just a friend. Women tend to be a lot more up front with what they want and will ask over and over again for some kind of reaffirmation that the whole plate thing is moving towards a relationship.
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  234. While i do agree that there is a lot of “newbie gains” where the amount people can lift is exponential at first, its more muscle memory and the fact that there is probably a lot of fat loss occurring which makes it look like there are muscles being built. I started to look for things to back me up and over the course of the first like 5 articles, they were all saying the same thing. Women can gain up to 1.5 max in the first couple months.
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  236. Peoples mothers, fathers, children, brothers, and sisters have had to watch them get blown to pieces from airstrikes, bullets, and other armament. When I have no where to go and I watched my wife gasping for air while the other half of her lay 50 feet away in the rubble of our house I would want to get revenge on who responsible. When 16 people get killed from a stupid paper pushing anti Islamic pictures there is going to be backlash. When you know these “radicals” are known to kill people for threating their god and you keep producing said images you going to get hurt.
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  238. jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASESo. you saying that we should deal with the terrorist threats you believe don exist?
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  239. I would also be confused and questioning about why he didn suggest an antibiotic. Since rabbits lack a lot of natural antibodies, most vets tend to err on the side of caution and oversubscribe them. You aren chained to this vet though and getting a second opinion is never a bad thing. There are many vets who are great with cats/dogs that just aren as knowledgeable about rabbits and unfortunately, rabbits go downhill fast.
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  240. In Czech people are genuinely surprised to hear I am from SA All the time! You might think it nice getting the attention but it not the attention you want. As you open your mouth people will know you are a foreigner and will react accordingly. if you haven travelled then this might not seem like such a bad thing but once you past mid life and all you want is a bit of peace and a place to call home it hits you hard.
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