Cultivate your own “pocket park” with a 3D planted garden

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Wearable Planter is an art and design studio based in Atlanta, Georgia where owner Colleen Jordan creates tiny vases that blur the line between housewares and accessories. The geometric 3D-printed vessels (a/k/a “jewelry for green thumbs”) are water-resistant. Plant one with a bonsai-sized succulent or lilliputian flower arrangement and celebrate spring with a live plant in your pocket!

Colleen JordanJordan explains on her website, “We believe that the world would be a happier place if people appreciated nature a little more, and were willing to carry a plant close to their heart from time to time.” You said it, sister.

The colorful containers prompt smiles. They are made from nylon fiber and dyed in Easter-egg colors, then sealed with acrylic varnish. The planters are available as pendants, rings, brooches and clip-on vases – perfect for tagging your bike handles or baby stroller.Colleen Jordan

Most feature a flat bottom so they can sit on a tabletop when not being worn.  Prices hover around $30, but there are other items besides the 3D-printed vases – such as seed-bomb kits – that don’t break a ten-dollar bill. The business started in 2011 and has a continually evolving product line.

Colleen JordanThree-dimensional printing allows Jordan to create more complex forms than older manufacturing techniques had allowed. The process minimizes waste, centralizes design and production, and reduces inventory as items are made on demand – all of which reduces the start-up’s environmental impact.

wearable planter 3

The vases can be sent anywhere, but postal regulations prohibit shipping plants through the mail. Customers who happen to be in Atlanta can stop by the studio and pick up a plant to pop in their planters. Everyone else can visit their website to learn how to plant their own – with clear directions for working with cut succulents, air plants, and cut flowers.  There are also excellent how-to guides on making your own seed bombs, growing food on a windowsill, creating a terrarium in a light bulb – and general info on playing in dirt.

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  79. I do think the amount of time it takes to do this is a lot, though. For example, on this post alone there are 4 other removed comments saying this same sort of thing. And we had 31 new posts in the last 24 hours hard to say which of those are going to need an extra eye or three. And this situation in particular isn people being terribad, but it hard to know where to draw a definitive line. The banning over fairly innocuous things upsets people, starts arguments, and it so dang subjective. It pretty hard or impossible to keep everyone happy, I guess.
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  123. That was 4 years ago and I have spoken to him exactly once since then, at a party. He seemed quite friendly and warm towards me until I asked him what had happened that day he left me in the pub. As soon as I mentioned it he walked away and refused to talk to me again.
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  174. Racism is the practice of the coward, or the ignorant. I all about exposure. You disapprove of this Puro guy being exposed.
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  176. Then I watched Nodame Cantabile. I thought it was a really solid slice of life. Chiaki was a pretty likable character, and I wanted to see his arc through. My problem was with Nodame. Though I wanted to like her, she was trying way too hard to be cute, and it just gets old. Also, her voice doesn match the animation at all. Neither her physical appearance, nor her body language gave any indication that her voice would ever sound like that. I would liked to see more of the supporting characters. The best part about the show is easily the concerts. They sound great and the animation is really nice. I also have to give them props for not sticking to classical pieces that everyone knows, instead choosing less redundant ones. The pacing was a bit rushed towards the end. I liked it, but my problems with Nodame makes it hard to be too enthusiastic about it. I really liked the ending. You wouldn even know it was just the first season. I plan to watch the rest of the series, but I don have to to get a fulfilling experience. I like that. 6/10
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  179. No, no, NO! NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ESCALATE THE FIGHT AND GIVE SOMEONE PROBABLE CAUSE FOR SELF DEFENSE! This is self defense 101, all you going to do with something like this is hurt them, piss them off, and if they don rape you before a witness arrives you be more likely to go to jail because you tried to gouge a man eyes out who had some level of plausible deniability.
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  184. I don think its racist to find an ethnicity more interesting than any other per se (if I studying Japanese culture am I racist for not studying other culture, or finding other cultures boring? (especially when the other culture I find boring is the dominant one almost everyone is familiar with))
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  185. They are clearly not there. Look at an Xbox One controller. The LEDs that tell you which controller you are holding are not there. I am not talking about the infrared lights for the Kinect, that has basically nothing to do with it.
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  188. Expect a ritual sacrifice during the full moon. It be a bit loud, but doesn typically last long
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  189. The solo play is all sandbox, which is nice for learning. And there is a learning curve with this version. This one seems to be more about what buildings you put down and you have to upgrade them. Upgrades take up real space, so it makes city planning harder (imho).
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  190. I think it depends on the situation. If one stranger accuses another stranger of rape, then I not going to jump to any conclusions and I wait for more facts. But if a female friend confides in me that she was raped, then of course I going to support her and believe her (to an extent) until I have a reason not to. Likewise, if a male friend is accused of rape, and swears to me that he didn do it, I probably support him (to a degree) until I have evidence to suggest that I shouldn If one friend accuses another friend of rape, then I back to withholding judgement again.overview for shinaku
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  191. Ironically, Marvel sounds more and more like one of those traditional Hollywood studios with a studio and star system. They also not afraid to tell people to walk, which I think is going to cause problems in the future. You pay RDJ 50 million to do Avengers and you pay Hemsworth 1 million for Thor and Avengers combined? Then there the public grumbling about the stars wanting to get out of contract, especially Evans who is so vocal about it. I mean, Marvel is a victim of its own success. It takes relatively unknown and undervalued talent, invests in them and boom, it gets itself a star problem later on.overview for SMTRodent
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  192. A gender and stress study from the American Psychological Association suggests that women are more likely to report symptoms associated with stress than men.
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  193. When I was 13, I was sleeping in my grandparents living room on their couch. I woke up suddenly about 4 am, and I knew someone was in the room. I looked around, and then I saw it. Someone was sitting in the rocking chair across from me. It no bullshit said “hey buddy.” I, being groggy and not realizing what is happening, I said “hi” back. A car drove by the window behind the rocking chair, and the headlights sliced right through the room and to the wall behind me. Only my shadow moved across the wall. I looked over, sure as shit, he was still there, rocking in the chair, eyes closed. I freaked the fuck out and ran into the other room where my brother was sleeping and tucked in real close to him and didn sleep the rest of the night.
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  194. Isaac would be great at this since he is the most experienced one abd I be ok with some over the top combat action, combined with way less ammo and more environment kills turning shooting an enemy into a difficult choice rather than the standard way of handling them. And since they abandoned the horror survival aspect almost entirely in dead space 3 some advanced environment combat and brutal melee could bring back some of that horror survival feel getting you up close with a necro using an armored glove/sleeve and a crude cutting tool to block attacks and pin it down while hacking at its limbs and seeing two more come around the corner knowing you only have 4 rounds in your basic plasma cutter, you have to choose how to spend them. Take out a leg on each to slow them then manually dismember them quickly, very risky at best, use three rounds to kill one than grab the second and fight it which leaves you only one shot for who knows how long, or use one to rupture the coolant line they are about to walk past and then dive tackle one into shards and deal with the second while it partially frozen and disoriented by the painful coolant blast. I see some real potential here.overview for primordia
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  199. Here in the UK we don celebrate Thanksgiving, but I no less thankful for the wonderful things in my life. I can honestly say that there are only a handful of people in my life that I truly love, but those people I go to the end of the world for. They keep me strong, they motivate me, and they give me a purpose. I here to make them happy and to protect them.
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  200. So anyway I switch over to drive thru. everyone else goes home it just my manager and I. Lady comes back through says her meat is raw and drives away from the speaker comes to the window and I open it she got out of her car and before I could ask her what was wrong reached in the window and shoved the meat in my face screaming does this looked edible.
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  201. I hear you an accountant now, and good for you, but I sorry your engagement fell through. Actually, I not, and I may have laughed when I heard. I hope that taught not to toy around with people.overview for PurpleSfinx
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  202. Not in the abstract, but who specifically expects women to be caretakers?
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  203. Does anyone remember how many WiiUs Nintendo had projected they would sell before the holidays in 2013? I think we just got there.
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  205. I still think any “signal” thinking is dangerous and should be avoided. I can get behind exclusion based on bad action, but I can really support exclusion based on “signal in and of itself” of probable bad action. I am not moderating this sub, but you are, and I understand avoiding “signal” will result in higher moderation burden, which I am very reluctant to force on you.
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  206. Also, there a lot of skirts in this album and I wondering if your girlfriend actually likes/wears skirts or you just unconsciously gravitated towards them.
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  212. Outlast isn super deep or anything, plot wise it plays out like a fairly standard “B Budget Horror Movie”, but it got plenty of scares, creepy atmosphere, and Jesus some parts of it are dark. It knows what bothers people and can get right under your skin.
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  217. You “literally” (not really literally zero because you are probably addicted to games) have zero comprehension of addiction and the reward centers of the brain. Go get a book, read it, get another one, read it, and then come back to me and produce something lucid on the topic instead of babbling incoherent dismissals on the grounds of them not being chemical. Go tell someone with a gambling addiction who is bankrupted, destroyed their relationship with their friends and family, and financially destroyed the people they love and say “hey man, it isn a chemical addiction”.
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  218. At least you know with most everyone else: Miz is a delusional asshole, Ziggler is a show off, Luke Harper, Dean Ambrose, and Bay Wyatt are crazy, Cesaro is the “King of Swing,” amd Gold and Stardust are just fucking weird. Hell, even Tyson Kidd liking cats is better characterization than the Usos have. They wrestle pretty alright, but I don care about them, so seeing them win all the time gets old.overview for Skell6009
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  219. That is true and the titles and posts overall are usually terrible. But I really don think expecting the names not to be butchered is too much to ask, when you could just copy and paste them.
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  220. Come to think of it, Medal of Honor: Rising Sun had one or two tracks that were definitely a little more Japanese compared to American. These are the best examples I could find but it hard since they spread out in parts of a track in the entire album but the influence isn heard throughout the whole track.overview for sacredmelody
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  222. A franchise is its characters and actors. I know nothing of this current batch, but they not what made Ghostbusters what it was. And the principle actors of the original films wrote it. (Additionally, the environment I spoke of is the 1980s. You can make an 80s film in 2014. The world is different.) Any hope of another film died with Harold Ramus. Further attempts are just going to be something else wearing a dead franchise skin in some grotesque disguise. Just like those godawful Star Trek films.
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  223. If you found your image on reddit, please link to the original comment thread in the comments section of your post. If you do not, you may be downvoted some. You have been warned.
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  224. If they want to run him to Mania as a heel, play up that he is leaving to fight, to go do “real sports”. Have him annihilate everyone and anyone on the roster. Have Lesnar develop a rivalry vs the entire WWE locker room, even the WWE Universe. Then you can book Reigns as the superhero to drive him out of town, but he doesn do it alone. Run a No DQ match at WM31
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  225. They are definitely doing something with Jordan Clarkson either giving him a chance to develop, or boosting his trade value. He played 37 minutes tonight. Wayne Ellington also looks sketchy 36 minutes and 28 points. All hail Kupchak if we manage to use one of those 2 as a legitimate asset.overview for rlj504
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  226. I discovered what the red pill was when I was searching for answers on my ex behaviour as well. This person who I thought was kind and generous and loyal, was messaging women on facebook, trying to pick them up at bars, and was using dating sites the entire time we were together. The hardest part was dealing with the lies. When someone so incredibly close to you is discovered to have been lying, and lying well, you start to look suspiciously at everyone close to you. It has taken a long, painful year to relearn not to assume everyone is tricking me. The break up will be painfully heart breaking, but it is the trust issues that will whittle away at your sense of self for long after the pain of the break up has gone. It passes, but you won believe me for a long time.
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  229. I wish to god that anybody had talked to me as a kid about this shit. My life would be very different.
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  230. It really doesn paint that poorly of a picture of the industry. Many of the submitted agencies did indeed recognize the script, and many others bluntly said that they hadn read it for one reason or another. But it interesting to me that several agencies DID read the script, enough to criticize the dialogue or plot points, without recognizing the material.overview for ronfrommarketing
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  231. He also booked a holiday before he died, and mum had to ring up to cancel it after he gone and the woman on the other end of the phone asked to speak to him, as it was his booking. Which had predictably awkward results. He have had a good laugh at that if he known.
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  232. To be impressive, maybe if the next commercial had: Main character do the talking simulating an operation (in tandem with others on the radio?), multiple branches of a story (you can do this on youtube with links to other videos in annotations at the end of the video and in the description [choose your own adventure]), something that doesn look like a training montage (extended tutorial), More camo patterns on screen at the same time (despite the environment but so they can be compared), shoot the guns (I missed it maybe?), simulate a firefight and maybe show them getting in and out of an APC or IFV (or jumping from a plane).
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  233. Ja kala (Ja + Kayla) Mother liked the name Kayla, and added the Ja prefix to make it more unique.
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  234. I took German class about three or four years ago in an attempt to impress a girl I was dating at the time, who was from Germany. About a week into the school year, she dumped me. I tried to transfer out, but the office was unable to process my request at the time. I stuck with it because I had no choice.
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    No, they are fucking idiots. But agenda? They want to have sex with you, that obvious. But to think that their desire for a woman to fuck them means that they see you as a man somehow is just bizarre and goes against every survey/study I have seen on this topic.
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  240. Temperatures I mostly only notice when I go too hot on a green or white, I find it grassy and bitter. I don like green tea in general though.overview for PublicFriendemy
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  241. Find ways to be proud of the time you spend alone. Create something, work out, read, do something you been procrastinating on.
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  243. People who drive 5 under on every road in the rain, even if they were just driving 10mph faster on the road they were on previously. We were just on a 50MPH road and you were going 45. Now we on a 40MPH road and you going 35. Is this road somehow more wet and dangerous than the other one? If 45 was okay there, 40 is okay here, you fucking shitcake!overview for simmiedude
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  244. In high school I was openly disliked for my wild behavior by just about the entire school. The isolation froze me over into a tame, quiet, lonely person: someone who was the exact opposite of what they barraged me for. I was pretty ignorant to how bad I had it until I left the school.
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    Yeah, AIS has gone downhill after losing their good professors for that class. I don know how much has changed with that class since I took it, but I recall the exams being straight from the textbook. Honestly, Excel based sounds like you may get something out of the class, better than the Access based nonsense I had to put up with, I learned nothing valuable from that class.
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  246. T8 Slow down your plays. You were very very fast to jump to throw down the Gnomish Inventor.
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  248. Yep in fact it not even fun to drive performance vehicles that continuously build torque and hp through the whole rev range as daily drivers. You end up having to rev up really high to go anywhere, and often times the clutch will bite in very hard for a good responsive launch. You can just put around town comfortably in performance/race based vehicles generally.
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  249. jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEi always thought it was two issues. one: when battles are over the game autoresumes, so you generally give the move order after the enemy already has a head start. i tend to pause the game manually on the combat end alert before hitting acknowledge so i can give the order immediately.
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  252. Develop your son’s strengths. My ability in art was always encouraged, and I was encouraged to draw many different things because you have to learn to do work that other people want. I had a wonderful science teacher in high school who gave me interesting projects to do, and he motivated me to study. In elementary school, I had some wonderful teachers and Mother did not over protect me. You need to stretch kids slightly outside their comfort zones, but never have surprises. There is a tendency for some parents to overprotect their child and do all the talking for him. It is important to pause, and give the child an opportunity to talk and express his/her thoughts. I was bullied and teased in high school. My refuges from bullying were specialized interest groups, such as horse riding, electronics, and model rocket group. It’s important for your son to get involved with special interest groups where he can participate with his peers. My book, “The Autistic Brain,” has information on career opportunities for people on the milder end of the autism spectrum. People on the autism spectrum tend to have uneven skills. They will be good in one subject and possibly struggle in another subject. I am a visual thinker who had problems with algebra. Another child may be very good at mathematics, and may struggle with reading. My book has more information about the different types of thinking.
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  255. I mentioned somewhere on here already, that I liked Altair because 1) Its meaning is very nature oriented, and with me being native American, it has a good connection to me and my child. 2) Because it is Arabic and my husband and his family all have Arabic names. 3) My husband and I love astrology and space science, so a star name would suit our child nicely,maybe.overview for shamblingman
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  258. The Mayor of the District of Columbia has State, County and City functions and now School People better start asking when the Sht hits the fan do you want someone that has pretty much only acted with their staff of 9 and little to no one in the rest of DC government. Let alone own community.
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  259. From your description, it sounded like a tooth root abscess. Basically, bacteria gets down into the cavity beneath the tooth and starts to incubate. The rabbit natural reaction is to form a pocket around it so it can go anywhere else and the abscess forms. It unfortunately not an uncommon problem in rabbits with teeth problems.
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  260. And when talking about Star Wars I figured most people would know that EU = Expanded Universe, not European Union. I saying the amount of people who read the Expanded Universe material was very small compared to those who had seen the movies.
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  261. Kurt Cobain I sure was on antidepressants or had a history with brain altering antidepressant drugs when he committed suicide. People wonder why he would do it. It was the drug that warped his mind and made him do it I think. I don think Cobain autopsy was even released so who knows what was in his system. The media made no effort to investigate it. They get paid off to not report it.
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  262. Hank disappeared into the bathroom. A few of us started towards the bathroom, gathering our bunkmates and telling them what was going on (It was a 90 man bay)
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  264. If the reason you want a job is that you are looking for guidance on what to build, check out /r/SomebodyMakeThis for a trove of ideas. As a totally random suggestion, you might make a helper app for a favorite board game; I purchased and regularly use Explorer Aid for iPhone, but I don think it exists on Android or Windows Phone, so you might port or otherwise duplicate it. Now that I think of it, porting little utility apps from one platform to a platform where it doesn exist might be a great way to hone your development skills without requiring pure user interface / design work (which can be daunting) and doing it may even spark ideas for when you do want to come up with your own interfaces.
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  265. True story: My first passport replacement came back with a spelling mistake in my first name. Lovely! I hear this is not uncommon.
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  266. jump to contentmy subredditsMODERATOR OFwhat’s this?TROPHY CASEOver time I think we develop a golden ratio between the amount of comments overall and the amount of OP replies, which is considered responsive. Therefore, being a non american might mean you get less replies at your most active times, but so long as your responses weigh up correctly then it be fine. For example, a post that is submitted at a busy time for Americans might get 30 direct responses in 3 hours but only 10 if submitted at your prime reddit time. To be considered responsive for the former you need to have replied 6 times (for example), and 2 times for the latter (for example).
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  267. For the first 10 mins we try to get our dogs to accidentally hit the unlock button, doesn work. Call the locksmith. Says he be an hour and it be $40, worried about the dogs, we wait. 50 or so minutes later, were standing there talking and what do you know, Trixie hits the lock. We open the door fast, poor Trixie falls out of the truck to the ground on her face, busts her lip but is happy anyways.overview for rockyali
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  275. The Farseer and the Spiritseer are excellent, and they bring a lot to the table for a pretty low cost. Their power charts are wonderful, though the death spell that everyone is talking about seems useless to me. Sure the psyker gets amazing BS, WS, I, and +2 to attacks. but what does that leave him? So he gets to hit things with his AP witchblade a few more times and more reliably. that doesn impress me at all. A3 really isn great and there are some really bad downsides to this power. You bring a psyker to support your army not to go charging off and fighting things that would squash him anyway. Worse, the second his tokens run out he goes poof. meh.
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  278. Red orchestra 2, same story as above 😛 But well if 1 is awesome 2 should be even more awesome!
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  279. Why hasn it effected other teams? Ball prep isn the same for each team. Some guys want it rubbed down more than others. Rodgers like his over inflated. Not to mention the fact that Belichick tends to bench a guy immediately for ball control issues.
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  280. You BF sounds like me, and my husband sounds like you (to an extent). Your BF needs to look into medication, possibly, as well as therapy geared towards learning how to manage the symptoms if they not severe enough for medication. You need to examine your own issues with control.
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  281. One thing I personally do when checking out a car: I specifically ask the owner to not warm up the car before I get there. Before I start it, I open the hood and put my hand in different places on the engine to make sure its a dead cold start, no funny business.
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  284. I think this falls under the larger umbrella of being able to “lock” a thread from further commenting. It a feature we should have had years ago. It would have resulted in significantly fewer meta problems over the years, and stopped a lot of drama in its tracks (sorry SRD).
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  285. Yes i know the better aesthetic option would be to install a gas fireplace instead and yes it would look good However I like my sport and like to watch movies so meh, it my house and my lifeoverview for RexComplex
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  287. jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEI was in a similar situation and it depended on the class for me. Sometimes I would be in an amazing class where everyone was raising their hand and exchanging ideas and it was absolutely awesome to participate without being that annoying guy who never shuts up. Then other classes, mostly GE classes every business major had to take, where no one said a word and were trying to be silent so the teacher could rush through the material and mercifully let them out early. Those classes I became the annoying guy who always raised his hand and asked any question that I felt was valuable. Not to show off what I read from the textbook but because I wanted to fruther understand the concept and discuss it. Nothing I hated more than going to college for higher learning and people not wanting to participate.overview for sfcorax
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  288. And there are happily married couples where the woman finally went on a date with that guy she never liked “like that” because she was frustrated and out of options. The bottom line is that physical attractiveness is more important for men than it is women, and telling a guy to stop caring so much about looks is about like telling a woman to stop caring so much about sexual chemistry.
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  289. Knights of pen and paper +1 edition, also seen this one on youtube, it just looks so silly and the d game type is very cool, but well it mainly for the bad jokes and sillyness.overview for przn
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  290. It hard truthfully the main thing other than work is just making sure that I spending enough time with michelle and the girls. The big advantage I have is that I live above the store so I have no commute! So we make sure that when I in DC I never miss dinner with them at 6:30 pm even if I have to go back down to the Oval for work later in the evening. I do work out every morning as well, and try to get a basketball or golf game in on the weekends just to get out of the bubble. Speaking of balance, though, I need to get going so I back in DC in time for dinner. But I want to thank everybody at reddit for participating this is an example of how technology and the internet can empower the sorts of conversations that strengthen our democracy over the long run. By the way, if you want to know what I think about this whole reddit experience NOT BAD!
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  291. It a bad period. That all. Bring me some ice cream and I be fine. He did. And I was. I suppose.
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  292. “Would you rather watch your parents have sex for half an hour every day, or join in once to make it stop? entire audience erupted in laughter as these guys just kept asking specifics like if they both have to climax or something. By that point things just got weird so I think they said just no to the question and moved on. Really awkward experience, but hey, it counts as an interaction with celebrities.
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  293. Good luck! Feel free to pm me if you have any questions.
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  294. The house I lived in when I was a teenager was completely isolated. It was in the middle of the woods, and you needed to have a driver license and a car to go anywhere, or do anything social.
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  297. Dragon Age: Inquisition for instance, the main storyline is immensely boring to me. I just rather explore the world, fight dragons and level up my character than bother with the story. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter on the other hand, has a super interesting narrative along with an open world environment that free for you to explore.overview for RankWinner
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  298. I think the protections in this measure are necessary now more than ever before in our history because an avalanche of restrictive, reprehensible state laws is drastically reducing fundamental health care rights. The bill would prohibit the state laws that impede access to abortion but pretend to be about women’s health and safety, including: restrictions on medical training for future abortion providers, requirements concerning the physical layout of clinics where abortions are performed, and forced waiting periods for patients.
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  299. Do you think we should allow these two practices? If not, what is the difference between this case and those practices?
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  300. If you have low self esteem bc of your childhood, fix those. It a baggage. It sucks. You were a child, you couldn do anything against mistreatment, you were dealt a shitty hand.
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  304. The idea behind locking a thread is that whether the submission is removed or allowed to stay up, you can cease further commenting. If you want to remove a submission but allow comments to continue (for whatever reason), you can choose to do that. Conversely, if the submission itself doesn break any of your rules but the comments are getting out of control (say, because of a witch hunt or people posting personal information) you can let the submission stay up while stomping out all that drama.
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  305. I not necessarily submissive outside of sex, though not super dominant, either. Like most people, I submissive or dominant depending on the situation, but I usually strive for balance in my personal relationships. I do tend to be very independent, though. So in my case, it fairly separate from the rest of my life.
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  306. Sometimes, with drug overdoses, all it takes is the stomach rejecting the contents of the stomach after someone has passed out to keep them from dying. Also, it simply not as immediate, leaving time for someone to happen upon them. But it also a relatively painless, if successful, way to commit suicide (assuming you OD on sleeping pills and alcohol or something like that).
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  307. ArmA3 vanilla or even other mods is mostly a sandbox game, you join a game, there no guarantee that the people on your team are going to be communicating, following orders and completing the same objectives, no guarantee they won hop in a vehicle and use it to lone wolf transport themselves then ditch it in the middle of nowhere. There no guarantee they going to bring the right kit to laze tagets for your CAS or radio in positions of enemy infantry, tanks, aircraft, etc.
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  310. My opinion, the best use for spent grain is for composting. We had a local urban farmer come out when we brewed and he would make compost piles, which worked fantastic. The grain doesn need to be dry, wet is actually preferred for this, so it eliminates that aspect. If you have the room, you could in theory start your own compost piles and sell the end result. You are going to have a metric shit ton of grain if you are taking 1000 pounds a day, so you might want to think of how you sell it. Good luckoverview for readinessforlearning
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  312. I don really hate anyone but there are a couple people whose presence makes me want to jump off a cliff. Ok, I exaggerating but you get it.
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  315. The good thing is that this one class won hurt you in the long run, just try to keep your grades up and really focus on networking and you do well. If you interested in Tax, you should consider going to the Tau Alpha Chi Orientation/Meet the Firms event tomorrow, I be there representing my firm.overview for potentialhijabi1
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  316. Interestingly, however, there is such thing as healthy obese: Individuals with a large amount of fat who are metabolically healthy and immunologically appear normal. This population does not make up a significant fraction of obese Americans, but for the small number of people who fit this category, there is relatively little other medical reason to encourage weight loss.
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  317. I don know any of this for certain, this is just hypothesizing based on the year of psychology I did in high school, things my friend shared with me about her encounters with sexually abused kids (she was a daycare worker, then catholic school teacher, and now she teaches special needs kids), what I read of true crime novels, seen of documentaries, and of course a lot of procedurals I watched.
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  323. If the immediate goal is to get away from cigarettes, I recommend taking a mod with integrated battery or a VV/VW protected mod so you don blow yourself up and a tank with replaceable heads to begin with as per the Aspire recommendations elsewhere in the thread.
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  325. edit: referring to her as a culprit suggests she committed a crime.
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  327. If you have any suggestions on how we could better communicate that TIL is for fun facts (and not agenda pushing) I all ears. 🙂 We welcome any all suggestions.
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  328. But now that all my classes are either in the honors college or upper division credits, every one of my teachers this semester knows their students by name and face. Many of us will be in classes with the same students and professors in future semesters.overview for ramonycajones
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  329. When I was about 6 my dad took my little sister and I on some errands and the whole time we would not be quiet. For the last stop, he had to talk to someone at our day care and told us to wait in the car. After what seemed like forever, I decided my sister and I better go inside in search of our dad. So we left the car and ventured inside right as our dad came out another door, got in the car, and drove off. He had driven for 10 minutes before he realized we were not in the car. He just assumed we were finally being quiet. I talking about the race card that is pulled out in every post involving something like this post. AnimusRN is implying people only care because it a white girl in the video and that the only reason it is upvoted. The color of the girl skin plays no role in the message in the video, yet in AnimusRN eyes, anyone who is affected by the video is racist. If the same exact video was done with a darker skinned family, this post would have the same exact popularity. There are too many people like Animus on reddit with this idea in their head that nobody has any sympathy for anyone unless they can relate on the most simple level imaginable.overview for russianpotato
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  330. BTW, I didn call you anything. My remark did not pertain to you, just leftist propagandists.
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  331. I loved him with luccio part of me hopes that they would get back together but I don see it happening any time soon especially now that he is the winter knight then again she might enjoy the bad boy side of harry even more. Other then her I also like the dynamic he had with elaine also not some one his likely to get back together with but i would enjoy seeing more of her. Harry and Murphy to me are better off as friends outing them together is just silly. It like harry and molly I can see it and I know why people want them together but to me it not a relationship that needs to happen. Then again you could take the view that his already married to mab lol. After all he is the champion and consort of the winter court chosen by mab.
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  332. I was freaking out about this too! I am Celiac and a good friend of mine who will also be in attendance is Celiac as well. I was really hoping to have an entirely gluten free reception, but we are both so sensitive that the meals would have to be prepared in an entirely GF kitchen and would add considerable expense to our already stretched food budget. Instead, we are going with a cheaper catering option and having another place that specializes in GF bring in two meals for myself and her.
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  334. When people pull out in front of you. Just, in general. If someone has to slow down, even a little, YOU DID NOT HAVE ROOM TO PULL OUT.
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  340. /u/KwanzaaSanta explanation of getting rid of Navarro was spot on in my opinion.
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  345. Really? Has there been a similar incident where a judge has blatantly violated the constitution like this?
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  346. And I don see a lot of people dual wielding at all. So, where this negative feedback coming from? I died many, many times to people. Many many many times. I died to mages, crossbow fanatics and greatsword addicts. Not really to pyromancers. But still, I not seeing where the negative feedback comes from.overview for Soycrates
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  348. Also, to your point about Africans culturally having more children, I respect their culture, but the reality is that that cultural norm just might get them in some deep trouble if it continues at current trends. It actually fairly hard to argue that better access to contraception could ever be a BAD thing for Africa. Regardless of it effects on population. What exactly are the detriments to increasing access to and adoption of contraceptive techniques in Africa?
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  349. (Armchair linguist, here. But I think I can answer your questions.)
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  352. jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASETop comment. If you watch those and believe he isn walling, then you just lying to yourself. I not even a fan of a particular team, I just wanna watch good games. But I am heavily anti cheating.
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  354. edit: you really should give reading a try though, try alice adventures in wonderland by Lewis Carroll, it very fun, not a hard read either and only a little over 100 pages. Lovely little book.
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  355. I been paying attention to things like that lately. I get really happy when someone not white is featured in something, just because they got featured in something. Not because they were chosen for their race/religion/culture/sexual orientation/etc. for the sake of diversity. And I think it interesting to see what sort of positions these people are put in. Are they portraying an expert in something, or someone clumsy and sort of dumb? Are they played as the attractive person, or just the bland supporting character?
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  356. the other factor i thought was happening was that my army was slower than their army. i dont know if more cavalry = faster army or not. but maneuver seems to change army move speed? i seem to have moments where i can chase down someone on a shattered retreat, and times when i cant. i mostly attributed this to maneuver (if given the order on time).
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  359. i also half black/half white and was raised on the white side of my family. Luckily I don deal with much ignorance from my family but I always had a different perspective when it comes to racial issues (maybe a fuller picture?) I beginning to feel that no one that isn mixed can truly understand my perspective. It perpetuates a lot of guilt in me in some ways. I much better off than my black cousins my age and it almost certainly because I grew up in the burbs and I look white.
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  365. I just tired of all these institutions in my life not giving a fuck about me. I been at my job over 2 years and I still treated like utter shit. I been at my other job over 3 years and they pretend that the only reason I work there is because i dating their son and they have to keep me, which is bullshit because they couldn find a replacement if they tried and also I one of the best employees they have. But that never recognized. Also, the school that takes thousands of dollars in tutition from me every year is pretty much refusing to send me my textbooks for some reason or another and their tech support is useless. And I have all the stress of our move coming up and I so scared that I won be able to find a job. So scared.
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  366. jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEThose little changes make a huge difference. Sometimes you stop and realize they were really hurting you, sometimes you stop and realize you were doing them out of habit for no reason at all.
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  367. But now that all my classes are either in the honors college or upper division credits, every one of my teachers this semester knows their students by name and face. Many of us will be in classes with the same students and professors in future semesters.overview for ramonycajones
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  368. Until then. I have to work tomorrow.
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  369. Here what I would do: definitely give her some time to herself and let her do her thing at first. It sucks to see your pet shaking and hissing at you, but that what she feels best doing right now. Then start taking the time to sit near her and maybe read a book or occupy your time in some way, talk softly to her, and occasionally toss some treats. Do this for a short time at first, pretend like she not there afterward (I think this makes a cat feel safe in the sense that they not being noticed), and then gradually increase the times you sit nearby. Hopefully after some play and treats she eventually understand that you are not a threat to her. Persistence pays off; try not to worry too much. She will come around 🙂
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  370. It was an odd experience. First time was with a girl in my class who thought I was some raging rock star and was immediately interested in me. I thought I was settling for her. Started hanging out with her a lot then grew to really like her. Then for some reason when we got close enough for a relationship, she said no. I feel like my lack of experience fucked me over. I didn ask her out early enough. I didn kiss her when I should have because I didn know how and was too nervous to fuck it up. Basically I was too immature to have been trying to date her even though I was 23.
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  374. Procrastinating studying so thank you for prompting this rant. 🙂
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  375. If you die because you yolo the XNT, that entirely your own fault for being bad and overcommitting. The idea here is to try and catch someone out of position and kill them, not run in and get yourself killed.
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  378. jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASETIL a man robbed $1 from a bank so he could be sent to prison and receive medical care. He handed a teller a note demanding a dollar, then waited calmly on a sofa for police to arrive. Generally they suffer from mental illness or other trauma that makes them have difficulty working and fitting in. Given that prison requires and absolute loss of freedom and following up every rule, it would be extremely traumatic for most people you see on the street.
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  379. His only comment was, “Your turn 😉 .”
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  380. It sounds like she has her own aspirations in life be it spending time with her friends or work, which may not align with yours. She torn between choosing something out of self growth (since she cares about you, it may feel like self interest to her so that why she rekindles the relationship with you over and over to feel validated) or moving towards a marriage with you which is putting a lot of pressure on her when she is at this crossroad of what she wants with the next 80 years of her life.
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  383. 2. Find new PR staff. Clearly the current staff doesn know how to address a community if their response is to “Permanently ban” it members because their voicing their distaste.
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  384. At the very least, get an instant read probe thermometer. You don get the “continuous monitoring” aspect of the remote read, but it a huge step up from having no thermometers in the kitchen.
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  385. I love how people are making the claim that she “respected in the games industry” yeah right, idiots. She the equivalent of a talking head on Fox News, she has absolutely no involvement in the industry besides conversing with some of those inside of it. She has absolutely no relevance to games development, games journalism, or even playing games itself she just another batshit crazy SJW lunatic who was lucky enough to be given a voice outside her aptly put hugbox.
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  386. I starting to really be a fan of Hemingway and I trying to read Fitzgerald too. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep have been on my read list since forever and it is a book I will pick up very soon! So many recommendation! I going to look at all of them and find something that will interest me. Thanks a lot for the lengthy reply.overview for Quipster99
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  387. I sorry that others have dismissed your issues because of the show, I really am. PCOS is one of those “under the carpet” conditions that people pass off way too quickly easily. My hopes are that this show brings more to light and explains that it a lifelong battle and that some experience different symptoms issues than others. Maybe she have a group convo with a group of PCOS sufferers? That my hope at least! But I understand if you don like the show. :)overview for Shanakitty
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  388. Spent grain is not food. If the brewer did it job much of the proteins and starches should be in the wort, leaving you a very nutrient deficient waste product. If you can find a farmer to take the grain, they usually aren going to pay you for it. They are doing the brewery a service, not the other way around.
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  389. Labs are a bit on the large side and pretty energetic. You might be able to have one where you live now but it might make it harder to find a place that will rent to you when you have to move (then again, I live in a country where very few landlords are ok with pets so maybe it not as huge a deal for you). You might have time to exercise the dog now, but what about when you start working?
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  390. And finally number one is based on anybody who has been in a super scary situation (like staring down a hungry tiger) and wet themselves.
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  391. DW2.0 is still a big improvement on the older rules.
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  392. I have read alot of comments and messages of support and im still reading through them all. I want to say thank you for all of your kind words. It is easy to forget that im not alone when im in the pit of shit I wallow in on a daily basis. I have received alot of tools and information from posters here that I do intend to look into. I dont plan on rolling over to die yet, if all else for my friends and family whom I would crush.
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  393. someone and don worry about bothering them. There is not an academic I know that doesn like to give advice and talk about themselves :)overview for sicutumbo
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    And plenty of asexuals are willing to compromise and have sex with a sexual partner, because the people involved value the other aspects of the relationship and are willing to meet in the middle. Not all asexuals are assholes trying to deceive people or make others fit into their preferred lifestyle.
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  395. If you feel strongly enough that vaccines are bad, then you should also take on the consequences of your child being a vector of infection to every other child around them.overview for Satanmymaster
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  396. I still get flares so I keep UTI testing strips around to save me a doctor trip. Its never a UTI. I usually go back on pain meds and use my self help methods and it goes away.overview for rissa39
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  397. jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEI recently had a long winded discussion with my significant other about this very topic. I get published every week, build my resume, I do work hard and cover some communities that have over 90,000 residents.
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  402. I go to a tech school where most the dudes dress like you. These are the dudes without girlfriends. Like another redditor said, get some fashionable glasses thick rimmed plastic ones (just google Ray Bans or something). Better haircut, though I only know enough about men haircuts to distinguish between good and bad so I don know what style would suit you the best. Lose some weight is also a good standby response as well.
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  404. Well you said one thing that is difficult to refute. Polio seems to have been eradicated. I don think you or I really understand how the vaccine worked. Perhaps it is not reasonable from our base of knowledge to assume that all other vaccines would work with the same efficacy and lack of side effects as the polio vaccine.
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  405. Moral of the story, take classes that directly apply to the job you want. Find a job you want, base your course study off of that. Go to career fairs, even if you get denied, they still remember you and recognize that you serious about working for the company.overview for puppiesandsunshine
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  407. Agreed one of my mates at work when i mentioned i had a 1 yr old daughter said “just wait till shes older and starts dating”
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  408. What you talking about is that last one: when they not trying anything fancy, it just you vs. them and they have to get past. Juking just means pitting their agility against yours, they manage to fake you out. Get you going the wrong direction and then go past you. That means they free to cap, unless something else prevents them.
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  409. Defense argued that he mental health issues, citing his changed behavior patterns, family history of depression and schizophrenia, raising the possibility of Fujita suffering CTE from head injuries playing high school footballTotally agree. And “domestic violence murders” don happen out of nowhere, there is always some evidence or pattern of previous domestic violence or at the very least, verbal abuse and conflict. Not one person has ever come forward with any evidence or a shred of recollection of Adnan being violent, angry or aggressive, or even raising his voice at Hae or anyone else. He was known for defusing conflicts between other people and being a peacemaker, a pattern he has continued to demonstrate over 15 years in high security prisons where violence and conflict are common occurrences.overview for SeriouslyWTFhmm
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  410. As the science moves forward, there are those who still want desperately for us to be blank slates for all the political implications that this would imply and because they have sunk a good portion of their careers into the idea.
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  412. But it gets better. They get so they can go without help for 5 minutes at a time, and the parents learn strategies to soothe them rapidly and retain their place in the conversation even through interruptions. And you learn that going to McDonalds and letting them climb and slide in the PlayPlace and fool about in the ball pit is better than trying to have lunch with toddlers in a restaurant that doesn have high chairs.
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  413. All of my classes required around 15 hours of observations for the first 3 semesters after Gen ed. The semester after that we had a part time internship where we were in our assigned class for two full school days a week and had a minimum of 3 lessons each week. While doing that we had to take 4 classes that all had some sort of observation or lesson component. Our final semester was full time teaching for 13 weeks. We were expected to have full take over of the classroom by week 4 until at least week 10 however some people cooperating teachers were uncomfortable with that so some of my friends did not get the full experience. My teacher was barely in the room most of the time because she handed the class over week 2.overview for ristoril
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    “3 1s and a 2? That it? That all you want?”
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  415. Making choices easier for one sex than another isn really creating equality,
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  416. It was that night that I took my busted ass to a hospital I had been researching. (The ER initially thought I been beat up! Lol) but I told them everything. I took a break. I was able to rest, finally. And I related to people in there, there were so many others who felt the way I did, I wasn alone! You don have to die. You can be okay. Depression is not a death sentence.overview for SparkyMcSparks
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  417. Boyhood Bit of a Linklater fanboy. Just an all around different movie going experience. Don think I ever left a film thinking about my own childhood.
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  418. “Unfortunately I can’t get any help from the social services for accommodation and maintenance. I have to prove to them that I have somewhere to live for 6 months before they help me. Sweden’s politics is ‘without accommodation no financial help and with no money no accommodation’,” he wrote. As an American, I think living with Swedish politics would actually be more distressing than living in the US as you don have the excuse of inertia, gerrymandering, or the two party system and yet you repeating one of our mistakes after another. Passing a bad change is far worse than failing to pass a good one.
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  419. Depending on my conditioning and how well things go I may try an Olympic later in the year.
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    Let it Go is my favorite, but in terms of the story, I think Do You Wanna Build a Snowman is the most important (if we include the dialogue, which I am). It not only sets the personality of both girls but it also shows the conditions in which each grew up. It shows Anna, ignorant of her sister curse and the distress it causes the family, growing up being able to roam freely and do as she pleases. And Elsa, alone and scared of herself and for everyone around her, dealing with everything on her own, not even letting her own parents touch her. They were both alone throughout all of this and it goes from adorable to heart wrenching in .2
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    So, stop believing government. It as much an act as religion. Government can spend your money any better than you can. Believing they can is how bad people get the resources to do bad things and good people get stopped from doing good things by the gun of the bad guy paid for by ignorant good guys.overview for protagornast
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  430. Other than that. Advertise in your social circles. Let friends and family know that you accepting students. You can do flyers in your area. Go to local schools and ask if you can put up flyers there or even get official referrals from them. Local library would be good too.
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  432. Your argument is that X factually did not kill anyone, even though video evidence exists of him killing someone, and anyone thinking he might have killed someone, well, that like their opinion, man.
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  433. jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEThe scary thing is, we are at the cusp of future censorship to come. If there is no opposing voice, game creators will have to walk on eggshells considering every step equates to something that could and should be changed. What worse, these wrongs will eventually be equated to moral wrongs and that misperception will take a long time, decades in fact to recover from, such as it was the case with comics. But the comics example is scary as well, considering comics are once again shamed into change the past few years as well.
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  435. I do think the amount of time it takes to do this is a lot, though. For example, on this post alone there are 4 other removed comments saying this same sort of thing. And we had 31 new posts in the last 24 hours hard to say which of those are going to need an extra eye or three. And this situation in particular isn people being terribad, but it hard to know where to draw a definitive line. The banning over fairly innocuous things upsets people, starts arguments, and it so dang subjective. It pretty hard or impossible to keep everyone happy, I guess.
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  437. Also, sharia isn used every where. You may want to do some basic reading on Islam. As a fellow Australian who has travelled in Islamic countries and has Islamic friends, I can tell you most Australians have vastly inaccurate ideas about what Islam is like. If you know a little about it, you see that extremism like we seeing in ISIL is uncommon, and most Muslims are decent people who are unfortunately under the tread of powerful crazies.
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  440. why don Australians have an accent closer to British
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    I posted this elsewhere, but it still needs to be said.
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  444. As I said in my comment, it all depends on a number of factors. The post you referred to in the message you screenshotted is this one:which is obviously not just a random persons blog, it is also a story that was reported on by multiple media outlets, and it was posted to many other subreddits than this one. Did you message those subreddits as well? If so what was their response? Did you then link to them calling them out for what they were doing? Did you message the admins and let them know you thought we were in violation of reddits rules? If so what was their response?
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  458. Basically what I saying is, be the best teacher you can be. They advertise for you for free and referrals tend to be better than “off the street” students anyway.
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  465. Ultimately, my cynical side does not see any of the big changes many of us hope will be coming. Bungie continues to focus on how many times people have played the raids and how many hours people have logged. I also think it confusing to see them celebrating gaming tournaments when there is so much work left to do on Destiny.overview for scaredBPwife
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    When I first heard what happened I was sure the story must be exaggerated or wrong. I knew the kid wasn the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I never dreamed anyone could do something so amazingly idiotic. It still boggles my mind.
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  469. How was Troi able to sense that Data was actually Lore? She met Lore before in the first season episode so she familiar with his emotional state.
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  470. psych ward, during group. the topic of the day was trust, as in, who do you trust? therapist gets to patient x and asks, “who do you trust?” patient x starts talking all kinds of nonsense, and finishes the statement with, “and the homosexual dog! someone needs to do something about the homosexual dog!” therapist thanked patient x and started to move onto patient y, when patient x piped up again, “arent you going to do something about the homosexual dog?? You really need to do something about it!” so hard to not laugh.
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  471. I not delusional about my game play. I know it isn good I just so tired of all the toxic trolling players. Nobody seems to want to play an actual game at my league.
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  472. I a guy (27) who never been on a date, kissed a girl, etc. I always desired non family human intimacy and rarely experienced it. I have friends, sure, and some of them are close friends. I have a job, live in my own apartment, I in decent shape, etc, but aside from a few awkward high school slow dances, I never really experienced any kind of sexual/romantic interaction.
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  473. It is rare that you see developments like the ones OP linked to, but every time I walk by one, I usually look at it and cross my fingers that one day it will get more popular and that I be able to afford one. High density, low rise is where it at.
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  475. Second of all, the Le Reddit Army trolls are SATIRICAL. If they stopped teaching that in 4th grade, then allow me to give you the definition:
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  476. A lot of these personalities will ride the wave of what appears to be the cool thing to do. What may have been something done for a joke in the past, they will do so now as and wiser people who is given license to harass and abuse at will. This really is a case or mental illness, the way their malicious behavior is rewarded in their community and it eventually becomes something they truly believe in.overview for ShirleyKnot
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  477. I never seen the film your refering too but if there is non consent in the porn industry that does not make it right if that is what you are saying as your wording is a bit unclear.
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  478. Having driven both the Evo X and STI I think I can offer some perspective. I DD my Evo X and while the seats are definitely a more snug fit than the ones that come with an STI, it still perfectly comfortable even on long trips (6hr+). And mine came with many of the niceties you expect from any nice car (bluetooth, automatic climate control, touchscreen stereo with steering wheel audio controls and voice commands, keyless entry and ignition, etc.).
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    EVERYONE should be comfortable enough sexually to be able to communicate what they want, but that is still going to be hard for some people. And EVERYONE should be selfless enough to make sure the person they are initiating sex with actually wants it. And I really don see what so hard about that.overview for reeksofhavoc
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  480. We don need to hunt down flaws in beautiful people to make ourselves feel better. We don even need to assume they have flaws. I think all we need to assume is that they have feelings, that they are just as much a person as we are, and they probably wouldn feel very good knowing that someone is trying to prove that they less than they are.
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  481. Doesn mean that Apple will perform and that your bet will pay. Again, I don want to encourage you because you making a mistake whether you win or lose. Just pointing out that Apple is not Microsoft and Microsoft performance bodes nothing for Apple.
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  482. The charger will be referencing one ground, which will become the “ground” for the audio signal. The radio ground will be at a slightly different potential, though, because the radio ground could be from a slightly different part of the car than the cig lighter ground.
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  483. PR: Public Relations. Usually tied in with marketing/advertising, it has more to do with things like press releases and conferences. Marketing may handle the ads and website design, PR would handle conferences at auto shows or when announcing a recall.
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  484. Depends on where you are working as well. Avoid south side at all costs, tho there are some small pockets of decent homes, mostly not. West or east sides will be the most convienient for restauraunts, movie theaters, etc. Not much shopping on west end, just walmart and a few strip malls by it, but traffic isnt as bad on that end. West apt complexes that are nice would be Brickyard, Misaion Viejo or Copper Creek. East side has a few nice places, timbers has a lot of college kids, but Brooklyn is nice. But again, alot of it is where you are going to be working. As far as rental homes, check website for evansville courier and press. The classified section normally has several listings.overview for rhino369
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  486. In the year 2532, Earth was another planet Apart from obviously being the planet from which we originated, there was nothing special about it, in fact it was deemed to be the least special old news. That not to say the people on Earth aren happy. I mean, any planet us humans touch doesn take long to develop into a utopia, and that was what was exciting new planets, not boring old Earth. I telling you this because you need to know the premise here, that there a sort of social stigma to those that live on Earth, like being stuck in the old ways, or being unwilling to change and move on. So now you can probably understand that my audience now expects a comeback story. How I moved on, became free from old Earth, became like the Plutonian or whatever. But that just classic distraction.
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  488. That they should we should get to know women as friends and talk to them/treat them as such, but if we develop feelings while in a friendship we the manipulative “nice guys” who want sex in return for kindness.overview for potatoriot
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  489. It always frustrating. The overnight shift did pretty much 70% of its business during that hour. It just sucked because you can really bring on somebody for just that rush, so we were usually understaffed for it. On Fridays and Saturday nights, we actually have one or two dedicated security guards. For a gas station. It was kind of nice but I wished they just spent that money on getting more people actually working the store.
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    Dump in 2 lbs of powdered sugar all at once. If using a stand mixer, mix with the paddle attachment on the lowest speed for 10 minutes; if using a hand mixer, mix on medium speed for 10 minutes. (Stop after a few minutes to scrape down any sugar that sticks to the side of the bowl)
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    Obviously this is something you have an issue with. This idea of permanence. Seriously there are a lot of things in your life you carry with you that are probably more permanent. Your decisions being at the top of the list. Why does the idea of something being with you “til the day you die” strike such a cord with you? Genuine curiosity, here. I am not trying to be a dick. I see this argument on a lot of tattoo posts and it isn something I understand. I see a lot of anti tattoo rhetoric that uses this as its anchor. I just don see the big deal or why it should be so scary. You marry someone with the idea that it is permanent. Major purchases are intended to be for 30 years (like a mortgage). So in all honesty and without hostility I am trying to understand why you feel this is such a serious decision. If you don want to discuss it, I understand and no hard feelings.overview for sistersunbeam
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  492. Great topic! I guess I fit into the category of having “alternative” style, although I have gotten a little boring in my 20s sadly. I like to be more adventurous with my looks, but my eyeshadow skills leave a lot to be desired (small sunken eyes and a crooked eyelid :/) so I mostly just wear weird/bright/vampy lip colors. Some of my faves right now are OCC Vain, Illamasqua Kontrol, Colourpop Grind, NYX Matte Butter, and KVD Motorhead. People who have looks that I currently into include musician Annie Clark (St. Vincent), Lora Arellano, Rihanna, and Kat Von D.
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  493. What you find is you learn who your real friends are quick. The ones who can be bothered to reciprocate or don understand the value you offer are not worth being friends with. So if you ask me why Facebook is the worst website ever made its for this reason alone. Take all 3 thousand of your friends and ask yourself how many actually have your back. The rest of those people in your list could give a shit about you. They are just being nice to you. Put them in any sort of position where they must go out of their way for you and watch how quickly they flip the switch and burn you.
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  494. While I just starting my 20 I in full agreement with you that the years I seen, more than ever, have been a great time to be anywhere from 0.01 to over 9,000 on the geeky ish scale.
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  496. I suppose we could rid ourselves of the Higgs field such that all particles could move at the speed of light, however, there would be no gravity since particles would no longer have mass.
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  497. I know labs are often used as service dogs. I don know anything specific about them being able to sense a hypoglycaemic crisis but I wouldn put it past them. Bear in mind that not all labs will necessarily be able to do that.
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    That funny, because you appear to literally be the only person who can read the conversation as it went.
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  499. Why, might I ask if we were discussing this formally,is God not interested in what could be interpreted as a dilution and misunderstanding of his interpretation and worship? this isn a new phenomenon. By 325 Athanasius description of the Son, Spirit and Holy Ghost had become so misunderstood that Bishops had gathered at Nicaea to attempt to clarify the debate.
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  502. Ultimately, confusion about modern masculinity is a good thing: It means we’re working past the outmoded definition. Men are increasingly comfortable breaking masculine gender stereotypes, but want to hold onto certain gender signifiers? They uneasy about living in such a mixed up, muddled up, post gender world, but don want to go back to the rigid roles of the past? Welcome to where women have been since second wave feminism! It confusing out here.
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  503. We can let this continue. We must fight back. We must start using the n word whenever we can. If you fear for your life saying it in public, use the internet. Go on a hip hop forum and post comments with the n word, nobody will know you white. Any small effort can help us defeat the only racial double standard in effect today.overview for salutdamour
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  504. Like if someone posts “idk if you should be lifting that much,” you could perhaps respond with something like “my muscles say otherwise”. And if they say “you should do more reps at lower weight so you don get bulky,” you could say something like “good thing I want to be bulky”.
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  505. If we were to apply a similar logic to men, then it is arguable that the “pool of prospects” is just as real. In this case, instead of having the prospects come to you, men have to actively find these women. Essentially, his pool of prospects has been curated; hers is static and therefore her main method of “improving” this pool is to improve her own attractiveness and attract better men. Why not go out and approach your own men then and increase this pool yourself? Well if most women carry the assumption (not truth) that most men have these pools of prospects that they personally selected, even if he hesitantly agrees to her approaches, there is the very real possibility that she would never have been selected by him had she not approached. After all, if we are to assume that most men approach and most women are approached, then a woman approaching a man would also have to recognize that he is most likely approaching other (possibly more desirable) women at the same time. She, of course, will never know by approaching first. There is obviously insecurity at play here, and as a result most women prefer to stick with her guaranteed options in order to circumvent these kinds of feelings.
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  507. That was my experience. Well meaning busybodies tried to convince me before my daughter was born that breast is best (because it rhymes, of course) and I felt like an awful person that I hated every second of it with a visceral passion until I came to the realization that I live in a first world country with access to clean water and manufacturing facilities with high safety standards and I went from being a hateful, horrible person to a happy bottle washer. My kids (ages 5 and almost 2) are awesome and smart now and that may be in part BECAUSE I formula fed, not in spite of it.
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  508. Its not the kind of rocky start you described but it made me ex upset as hell. I was a junior in high school, he was a freshman in college. He was more serious about me than I was about him, we had been dating 7 months or so. On top of that I made new friends junior year and one of the guys in the group was obviously into me. Around the time he came home from college for Christmas, I began to realize that I liked my junior friend. On monday I decided that I liked a new person. Tuesday I decided to break up with college boy. Wednesday I told junior friend what was up. Thursday broke up with college boy then went straight to junior friends house to talk about it. Friday Junior boy I officially admitted to liking each other. Saturday was Christmas eve. Sunday was Christmas. Monday junior friends and I hung out alone, we kissed for the first time and we been together ever since. Its been 3 years and I still love him more each day. I am so thankful that I met him and can imagine my life with out him. At the time it was confusing and I felt like and awful person, but 10 times out if 10 I would do it again.overview for Skipie12
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  510. That simply not the case. Today Microsoft predominantly serves businesses with productivity and infrastructure software and tools. Its consumer businesses are floundering. Apple, on the other hand predominantly serves consumers and its businesses are going gangbusters.
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  512. I graduated college and didn know what to do. Talked to a few people and the idea of law school came up. I a smart guy, I write well, I should be able to do it. (Side note: having been through law school, going on a whim isn a good idea. Make sure you wanna practice law before you go to law school).
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  515. Just know that you are not alone. So much of what we are experiencing (especially in SNFs) is never taught in grad school. In some ways, I feel duped. But I am proud that I got through it, and you should be, too. This field does offer many different settings/options so I keep telling myself that I WILL find my place and the job that will feel right.
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  516. Number 1 is based on a particular story said friend told me. When she was a daycare worker, a little girl under her care would squat to pee in the sandbox. Yes, like a cat. The girl herself wasn physically abused as far as we know, but it turned out that the dad would fly into a blind rage and beat the living shit out of the mom, sometimes when the kid was present. Even when this wasn happening, he was always very explosive and made life for this girl and her mom incredibly scary.
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  517. A good thing to remember for the future: you not a psychologist. When a new partner tells you something about themselves, don leap to diagnose them.
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  518. 1. I made it for a whole pie instead of mini ones, so it took more like 4 apples.
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  519. He said that Gillard used her father death to score political points in the polls.
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  520. I also suspect that the difference is not simply analogous to why a country station doesn play Madonna or a classic rock station overplays Bob Seger. Hence, the AskReddit: What is the aesthetic and marketing justification for limiting the selection of music on say, WETA, to that which is largely 70 years old or more?
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  521. Shouldn this land by default be declared a national treasure? Not to mention possibly a national park. It seems like, even though obviously with the state of our Congress they would lack such initiative, our National Government should do something about preserving this.
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  522. I pointed it out because outlets which I have frequented for years literally never ran such stories, but now run one or more per week since Ferguson. It hard not to call it propaganda when it is the police departments releasing these videos they didn used to release in the past, not pro cop editorials using 3rd party videos.
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  523. Although the internet gives us the freedom and the ability to date someone far away, it does still have some limitations (like smell for example in your case, haha).
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  524. You probably find Travis has a hell of a lot more to do with the song writing than you imagine. Apart from the very distinct change between Dude Ranch and Enema, things like structures, the feel of the song etc, not to mention input in other areas and instrumentation (pretty sure he has played keys on at least one track).
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  525. Besides, the half leech is enticement to participate, not the main purpose. Why nitpick a movie that is half leech for a week when there are new contest entries that are freeleech being uploaded all the time? Dude, I joined PTP when my shitty Third World internet was 2Mbps downn/1Mbps up. I managed to reach PU (I could even get to Elite if I uploaded a few more movies) just by seeding and waiting for bonus points to accrue. Downloaded a lot of contest freeleech just for the BP (found lots of films I liked that way too!). Be patient. It takes a few months.
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  526. This year I turning things around. I have all commercial debts paid off no more credit cards and no more car payment. Only debt to my name is my mortgage. This year will be the first year that I max out my Roth IRA (and I WILL max it out every year from here on out and never touch it until I retire), and save $10k in an emergency savings account. Also, I just started a new position within my company, and already my boss is wanting to promote me to the next tier within this position so I going to work my ass off to learn my job and earn that promotion 6 months from now.overview for sambravers
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  527. I sorry I don have any advice for your situation, parents can be unreasonable for no apparent reason. My girlfriend parents are always paranoid about her. She 20 and they still freak out when she drives near the city or in bad weather. And basically flat out ban both. It ridiculous.
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  528. I not saying OP is not going to listen to his parents. OP stated “I like to see someone challenge my opinion that this idea is ridiculous”.
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  530. You missed my point as well but yours is totally valid and I take back what I said. I had just that same day had one of those experiences with a bottom guy who was also clinching and uncomfortable and caused me to lose my hard on and assumed this was a similar situation; for which I am clearly an ass.
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  531. Also I have a hard top, so if you are worried about the cold I would recommend going with that, then you can eventually buy a soft top for it. With the hardtop, it comes with the driver and passenger removable roof, which takes me three minutes or less to do.overview for sarahd33x
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  532. Optimizing graphics very rarely has situations where you can just re order your calculations or optimize out some math to make it run faster. The shit that runs on your GPU is already very optimized before hit even hits the desk of a graphics programmer to be put in the game.overview for rpanko
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  533. But speaking from experience, you don get to know someones habits and nuances and quirks and true trueee personality.
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  536. So i just read up on it, heh. Apparently the Light Brigade charged the wrong artillery position due to a miscomminication in the chain of command. They were supposed to charge a different artillery position that didn have good defenses. Instead the line they charged had beefed up defenses, and they got butchered. Poor, fucking brave lads.
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  537. The worst part is, this is an answerable question. You can print the URL, maybe even as a QR code, for convenience. You can print a sample screenshot, or you can even print each frame, so people can “play” it back as a book. But of course, this is all absurd even if it solves the user problem, it almost certainly not the best solution.
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  538. First, our color guard is temporarily without a coach. So there that.
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  539. What was your first job? doing clerical work at a doctor office
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  540. edit: referring to her as a culprit suggests she committed a crime.
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  542. I pretty sure I can list every single anime I watched since then. Nanoha StrikerS (Liked the original and A better), Michiko e Hacchin (don even remember how I ended up watching this, but it was pretty fun), Madoka (Probably my all time favorite), Katanagatari (friend massively overhyped this one, made me realize I can stand modern Japanese humor), Titan (so awesome, can wait for season 2), Ghost in the Shell ARISE (I am that one heretic that loves every incarnation of GitS except StandAlone Complex), and Psycho Pass (patiently waiting for Commie to finish subbing the last two episodes of season 2)
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  543. 22 years later, I much more confidant but I do put up a wall. I really dislike meeting new people and I always worried about what people think of me.overview for Rustymonkey
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  544. Chris Columbus was definitely gung ho about the project, but after two films, I recall him getting pretty burnt out over it all and I think his leaving the movies was really the start of the pattern of, “Okay, well if we not going to have the same director, why not just do musical chairs anyway?” After he left, it seemed to me that many directors were trying to “get in” on the Potterverse simply to have their name on something that was unbelievably popular. Which is a shame I think if they had waited out the last book, picked a director that could handle the child like themes as well as the adult themes, they have not only more uniform adaptations, but also there wouldn be this nonsense of loose plot threads and picking up motifs that have never been introduced to the viewers before (cough Sirius mirror in DH2 cough).overview for pounds
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    Alan lee played for mostly championship teams (Palace, Ipswich, Burnley, Rotherham, Huddersfield, Norwich, Cardiff, Port Vale, Torquay) but he was awesome. We were in class together in primary school and I remember him going to Lansdown Rd. Stadium in Dublin to take part in some Coca Cola soccer skills final. Iirc it was a national ball juggling tournament. He won it 🙂
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  546. In STEM fields, your opinion doesn really matter: it not going to fix your broken code or make your model bridge not collapse.
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  547. George Lucas on Episode 7: “The only thing I really regret about Star Wars is the fact I never got to see it I never got to be blown out of my seat when the ship came over the screen, .
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  550. It does make a difference that David is gay. It means the reason your gf doesn have a problem with it is because he isn into her sexually and she probably sees him as more like a girl friend in that respect. To her, it patently different than a straight guy.
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  551. Well that just it, a week ago we were convinced she was pregnant.
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  552. I got that in my last few games of normals and team ranked games as well as a plat 1 player. I don get why people don realize that everyone has bad days and might just want to try out new champions or builds in normals. Also it irratates my so much when people accuse me of buing an account and telling me I bad bacause I lost to someone from silver. We are all people here and for me at least I sometimes get these days where I just lose every single game no matter who I against. Lol Nexus is an alright tool for ranked imo but for normal games it only brings up flaming and giving up before the match even starts.overview for sanxiyn
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  553. Thats 7 seconds a ball. If you honed your skills and had a good feel for it, you could probably deflate a ball 1.5 PSI in 7 seconds, but how do you juggle 12 footballs in 90 seconds? Remember you have to keep track of which ones you have done and you have to get them out then back into the bag.
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  555. And the stuff you get for getting the CE is kinda nice, ultra futuristic building and landmarks from around the world. The future stuff is a bit on the annoying side, it requires a special utility and no matter what I did I could never get enough to fill the need. But I still learning so who knows.overview for SagebrushID
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  556. A lot of people have said this, but if you can afford it, the best option is to just get both. Their libraries have almost no overlap, and the types of games that are common on each of them are different as well.
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    E: Also not being a three line team anymore doesn help. The loss of Stastny is pretty apparent and the inability for a lot of our forwards to successfully battle in their own end for puck possession. They can get pretty well overwhelmed on good days and really rely on opposition mistakes and jumping on the puck instead of being able to physically win possession.overview for Robby5566
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  558. A while back, gryffinp asked for the Investigator to come forward if he had an innocent result on him. But what he did not know.
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    governments, especially local governments, will cumulatively spend billions less on lawsuits to victims of police abuse and fighting police unions to fire abusive officers
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  560. jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASETraditionally that was explained by God being omnipotent. ish. God is said to be omnipotent in a few different ways, Irenaeus/followers of soul making theodicies belied that God can only do the logically possible, not the logically impossible.
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  561. But hey, it a free country. If you want to defend those racist dickweeds, that your right. Have at it. This dad just took a mirror and showed to the world what these pricks thought was just aimed at a few.
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  565. I can see where you coming from but I have yet to meet the man who invests the same amount of effort I put into the relationship. I not saying that the man has to do everything but I firmly believe that as a woman, mother nature screwed us over big time. I will never be able to feel as sexually pleased as a man, I will always have shitty menstrual cramps and mood swings that come with it, I will have to bear children and if I don my worth as a woman will be diminished. Not to mention what I have to put my body through in order to create little humans. Don mean to sound like a huge jerk but a dinner and flowers once in a while wouldn kill men. Those around me consider me a good looking gal and I 22 and have never ever received flowers.overview for RationalSocialist
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  568. [UPDATE] My [25/M] girlfriend [25/F] of 3 years is very picky and only eats greasy kids meal type foods like pizza and chicken nuggets. I 23 and I use to have this problem. I only ate carbs and starches. Not quite as bad as her but definitely not healthy. I avoided going to other people houses for dinner because I was embarrassed and I didn want to hurt their feelings. If I went out to dinner I usually got a burger or steak never ventured out on the menus.
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  569. I wouldn say they have at least one terrible match a week, but they usually have at least one match that most fans just don want to see.
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  571. But should we want to discourage police from thinking that their questions should be answered, we likely end up with that ticket and points on our license, rather than a warning. I guess this is necessary. We give up the privilege of the cops being our buddies when we choose to fight their tactics for busting people with drugs.
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  580. So he points out that like we know that some deductions and credits start to phase out. I not sure if he understood my question completely. I think he read it more like, do people pay more in taxes as they get older. I was asking more specific like “Can someone who made $110,000 and took home $85k after taxes make $115k and take home $84. But still, looks like it must happen more often than I thought.overview for ryegye24
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  581. Red Sox: Have become budget conscious (in a smart way not meant as an insult) and have some serious upper level young talent in their minor league system. I don see them taking on the risk of $80 million to add another infielder to their system which already includes Betts, Cecchini, Devers, Marrero and company (plus Boegarts in the bigs). The risk/reward for them combined with their recent fiscal responsibility tells me they won enter into/win a bidding war for him.
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  583. jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEWhen I started in the early 1970’s, the only women in the beef industry were working as secretaries in the office. I was the first woman in Arizona to handle cattle in the feedlot. The scene in the HBO movie where the bull testicles were left on my windshield actually happened. Being a woman in a man’s world was a much bigger issue than being autistic. There were some good people in the industry that recognized my abilities. I found it was much easier to sell them the equipment or design than it was to actually convince them to handle cattle calmly. I had to be twice as good as a man. It frustrated me that men could mess up a design project and still have a job. There were some good people that supported me and encouraged me to keep working. I learned I had to sell people my work. When I showed people my drawings of handling facility designs, they were impressed.
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