Save energy, stress and greenhouse gas by backing up

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You know you should have done it. The DropBox folder is there, the extra hard drive is on the shelf. Hey, your partner even set up a wifi link to help you back up your files from any room in the house, without cords. But you have fallen into the trap of laziness. You are human, like me. You do not back up because it is a pain in the a**.

Think about the time wasted, resources purged, stress endured and relationships that have almost ended thanks to not having a back up plan. I am talking about backing up your photos, files, code. We’re all guilty – so what is it that stops us from being so unresourceful in a time when we recycle our bottles, count our calories and go out of our way to conserve food miles. Can there be another way?

You might have seen our lovable post on 15 ways to upcycle your old PC into something super useful. Well this might be the case for your old laptop already. We seriously hope your motherboard won’t be turning into a fish tank with all your family photos still on it.

Avoid a meltdown and back up, people. We buy insurance to avoid a natural disaster. We use sunscreen to prevent cancer. Save yourself heartache and back-up your files now.

If the above options aren’t on the table there are a number of simple online back-up solutions that can be your back up angel that has your back. Backup freeware is the name of the game from companies like EaseUS that offers a backup windows 7 option and other options for Windows which automatically sets up and performs a back-up on schedule as commanded.

I am going to knock on wood while I am saying this because as a Mac user I don’t have to worry about hard to back-up operating systems. The amazing Time Machine does it for me – granted I have enough free disk space.

When I used a PC years and years ago I was always confused on how to back-up the system, and always did it in parts. What a waste of time. Time is money, money is energy, energy is greenhouse gases that could be better saved relaxing on a beach somewhere.

Save the planet: back up your files!

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