Farmer swears his billygoat produces milk

billy goat, goat farmer, al ain, dubai, united arab emirates, goat milk, billy goat milk, hermaphrodite, A farmer in Al Ain, the very green, flowery emirate bordering Dubai, claims that after three years of impregnating legions of nannies on his farm, his billy goat suddenly sprouted udders. And then produced milk.

Mr. Nasser Al Alwi paid about $820 for his billy goat at a livestock show in the United Arab Emirates. It has since been used to breed, and has not disappointed his proud owner, who says he wouldn’t sell this goat for 10 times as much as he is worth.

There did not appear to have been any warning that the billy goat would essentially become a hermaphrodite. In addition to retaining his reproductive organs, “or the parts that make him male,” says Al Alwi, he also started to produce ‘milk’ from two new udders.

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Although he is confident that his billy goat is producing delicious milk, Mr. Al Alwi has chosen a cautious path and sent the milk for laboratory testing to ensure there’s nothing too freaky about it – before he considers allowing others to have a taste.

“We are waiting for the lab test results to make sure the milk is of good quality and fit for human consumption and whether it could be used for medicinal purposes,” he told The National.

Mr. Alwi may be hoping that he has found his miracle meal ticket, his path to unlimited wealth and freedom – a hermaphrodite who makes powerful babies and then feeds them, but men and women of science might have burst his bubble.

“He is producing something else – but it is not milk,” Veterinarian Dr Ulrich Wernery told The National. “It is impossible, absolutely impossible. Because it is a male that is why. There are female organs and then there are male organs.”

“From my opinion it is ridiculous.”

Read the rest of the story, which becomes even more bizarre, over at The National.

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