World Food Day Rally Slams Chemical Giant Monsanto in Amsterdam

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World Food Day, commemorated on October 16 is an annual event whose purpose is to find ways to alleviate hunger and malnutrition in various parts of the world. Green Prophet was there.

The event is a forum against environmental damage to both animals and humans by large multinational companies who often try to portray their actions as being beneficial to farmers, when exactly the opposite may be taking place.

One of these companies, Monsanto Agricultural Chemicals Company has often been the subject of numerous allegations that accuses it of creating immense damage to both crops and animals as a result of the pesticides, herbicides and other agricultural products it manufactures. These include genetically modified seeds, otherwise known as GMOs.

During a recent trip to the Netherlands, it was easy to experience first hand how many people in Holland are thinking green; and how adversely they feel about companies like Monsanto and the damage that it is alleged to be causing to both plants and animals in the larger cities in the Netherlands, as well as in the countryside .

Hanging out over the weekend in Dam Square, the central venue location for street shows and similar outdoor eve, we witnessed a large rally against Monsanto during a World Food Day rally and picnic sponsored by  the Netherlands branch of the Millions Against Monsanto NGO and fully covered on their website (in Dutch).

In addition to speeches by local green politicians, the Saturday afternoon event included music by folk singers in both Dutch and English as well as food booths offering organic and vegetarian foods.

A large number of anti-GMO and Monsanto signs and placards were on display by participants, many of whom wore “anonymous” masks to emphasize their fight against the giant chemical consortium which they say is causing much environmental damage to their country and to the world at large.

Talking to one participant, a middle-aged chap who preferred to remain nameless, he said that it is very important for people to get involved in fighting companies like Monsanto, who produced the Agent Orange pesticide during the Vietnam war and has since then tried to improve their ecological profile by using their financial might to “buy into” green projects such as efforts to save honeybee colonies from being destroyed by conditions such as colony collapse disorder (CCD).

“The world must realize that these  “green” efforts by this company is only to cover up the immense damage that it is doing to our environment,” he told us.

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Besides the rally, which occurred on October 12, another large march in Amsterdam against Monsanto is planned for Wednesday, October 30. “This is one of the best ways to get people involved in fighting the Monsanto octopus,” another participant said.

Going around this very picturesque city, it is easy to see that the Dutch people are very keen into making their city and country more green. People on bicycles are everywhere; and electric cars and trams are commonplace. Organic foods are readily available in local markets; and a large organic foods market  is located within easy walking distance of both the central train station and Dam Square. Although fossil fuel cars, buses and motorbikes are common, the large number of bicycles and electric trams has made the air in this city cleaner.

It would be great if ME cities like Tel Aviv and Beirut could copy Amsterdam’s example on how to make a large city more ecologically friendly; as  well as display as much passion in fighting chemical and GMO producing giants like Monsanto.

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  1. Maurice says:

    Visitors to Amsterdam should spend a morning at the Nieuw-Markt, an outdoor organic food and other products “mini suk” located near Amsterdam’s Chinatown and only a ten minute walk from the Central Station. Products on sale there are supposed to be free of contamination from chemicals and GMOs.

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