Israeli Teenager Designs Mobile Pedi-Sukkah on a Tricycle

Pedi-Sukkah, Sukkot, Israel, Jewish Holidays, green design, mobile sukkah, green design, sustainable design, eco-designWe love everything about Sukkot, especially the philosophy and process behind the inspiring sukkah (booth) that Jews build during this week-long Autumnal holiday. But we’ve never seen one on the back of a tricycle.

Designed to commemorate the long years that Israelis spent in the desert after escaping slavery in Egypt, the sukkah (sukkot plural) became the living room, study, dining room and even bedroom for many observant Jews throughout the Sukkot holiday.

And while there are many different interpretations of the design, there are a few set requirements that have to be observed in order to be considered kosher. These include material choices, height (at least three feet tall) and a partially-open roof.

Four years ago, 16-year-old Levi Duchman decided to build a mobile sukkah on the back of a tricycle, according to

“In 2009, I saw a pedi-cab and was inspired to build the first pedi-sukkah,” he told the group. “In 2010, I rented 10 tricycles, and we had a fleet. In time for Sukkot 2011, I purchased 10 tricycles of my own, and we doubled our numbers. Now, there are between 30 and 40 pedi-sukkahs in places like Portland, Oregon, and as far away as Brussels, Belgium.”

The teenager’s original design, which was made with heavy timber mounted on the back of those rented tricycles, has since evolved into a more ergonomic mobile booth.

Now the youngster is cooperating with Wayne Sosin, president of Worksman Cycles, to build Pedi-Sukkahs made with a canvas mesh material that is not only significantly lighter than the first generation timber, but they are also better ventilated since air can pass easily through the material.

The most challenging aspect of the design involved creating a wheeled sukkah that was steady enough for people to climb on and off it. Worksman Cycles overcame that challenge by building a step at the base of the platform, according to, ensuring a comfortable, sturdy wheeled structure.

Unlike most homegrown sukkahs that are packed away at the end of the holiday, the Pedi-Sukkah is a multifunctional “mitzvah-cycles.”

“On Chanukah, they can pull a menorah; before Passover, they hold matzah for distribution; at other times, they convert into tefillin booths,” writes

“Duchman says they’ve even been used as a Chabad on campuskosher hot dog stand.”


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