13 Radiant Photos to Honor Earth Day

Earth Day, sunflowers, butterfly, photography, nature, Tafline Laylin, Green Prophet, Earth, nature, pollinationIt’s Earth Day, which means you will see at least 100 stories in your Facebook and Twitter feeds that will list the many ways that you can become a better earthly citizen. And most of them are valid. Yet I yearned to find a more meaningful way to honor the day, so this year I have collected 13 of my favorite photographs that depict the miracle that is our planet and every living organism on it.

With my trusted camera by my side, I have explored many reaches of the earth – from the deserts of Egypt to the cobbled streets of Ghent in Belgium, from an island in Kenya to the rolling hills of Virginia, and though I’ve barely scraped the surface and there are many photographers more skilled than I, my travels have challenged me to simplify my life, eat healthy food, drive less, and be a more loving, grounded person.

It is my deepest hope that these 13 images will stir your soul so that you too will be inspired to protect our remaining resources – today and every other day of the year.


All images © Tafline Laylin

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