10 Inventions to Save Earth’s Water


With drought looming in California, but in many regions of the world include Yemen, Green Prophet honors this year’s Earth Day by digging into the archives so you can share 10 ways to collect and save fresh, potable water. 1. Sea “water cone” evaporation This low-tech method of collecting fresh water in involves placing an inverted plastic “water cone” […]

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Earth Day Events in Jerusalem


About a decade ago Israelis were much better at green washing and consumerism than caring for our planet through social green action. That’s all changed. The country has leaped into putting environmental awareness at the top of people’s concerns. This year there are dozens of events going on around the country to celebrate April 22, […]

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Recycling for Earth Day


Just a few plastic containers that can be reused or recycled Another Earth Day is upon us, and for those of us living the Middle East the very origins of this ecological event have much to do a lot with fossil fuel based energy so prevalent in this region. Aside from the frequently discussed issues surrounding […]

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The Origin of Earth Day and Greening the Arab Spring


It is worth remembering that a few decades ago, there were no environmentalists in the United States. There were no rules that prohibited polluters from spewing toxic fumes into the atmosphere. Nobody was watching the agriculture industry to ensure that their pesticides weren’t contaminating water ways. Americans were asleep. Then Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring hit […]

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Join The Wide World of WED on June 5th


For This Year’s World Environment Day, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Asks the World’s Citizens to Mobilize for Climate Action. [image via flickr] In the first few months of each year, we report on several special days and hours:  there’s World Water Day on March 22nd, Earth Hour on the last Saturday of March, […]

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Free Concert Powered By Falafel Oil Brings Earth Hour and Earth Day to the Tel Aviv Masses


Okay, so officially… Earth Hour was a few weeks ago and despite the fact that many other Middle Eastern cities participated, Israel was caught with its pants down.  And yes, it’s probably true that instead of powering down, they were powering up to watch an important football match between Israel and Greece. But it’s also […]

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Israel Celebrates "Earth Day" Today Only Tomorrow, With Lights Out, Beach Cleaning, Concerts and Green Awards


(Photographer Yuval Chen spent almost two years snapping shots of hedgehogs in Tel Aviv’s urban landscape. For more see ISRAELITY). Celebrated since 1970, Israel is for the first time celebrating Earth Day nationally. They didn’t put their lights out for an hour a few weeks ago to mark Earth Hour (there was a big football […]

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Earth Day and Leavened Bread


Jews all over the world have been working for weeks cleaning their houses from all remnants of unleavened bread. There are Jewish philosophers that explain that by cleaning their houses from this bread they are vicariously also cleaning their hearts from unwanted deficiencies. Part of daily green living is introspection and thinking of ways that […]

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Reuse It or Lose It: Green Your Baby


In honor of international Earth Day, which is on April 22nd, we’ll be devoting a series of posts this week to Israeli ventures and businesses that make our consumption a little greener by reinventing used materials.  If we don’t reuse our resources we may lose them altogether, so these green heroes definitely deserve our attention […]

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