Israeli Cell Phone User Compensated $100 K for Ear Cancer

cell phone user with sunglasses, cancerCellphone usage outside is less risky than in a closed environment

Cell phones have blamed for a number of environmental health problems, including collapse of bee colonies; and even problems with human sperm production. In fact, overuse of cell phones has even been considered as being more risky than other environmental hazards like car engine exhaust and insect sprays like DDT. Yet we continue to make them a bigger part of our lives, every day. The problem with proving the link to cancer is that cancer takes about a decade to manifest and it’s hard to prove a direct link, though Israeli researchers from a country which was early adopters and high uses, do suggest a link to cancer. See our story on Sigal Sadetzki.

Now an Israeli who has been using his cell phone inside his bomb shelter (bad idea) has been diagnosed with a cancer he says he got from using his cell phone. In an out of court settlement, the Israeli cell phone company Partner has agreed to give him $100,000. Is this a bid to keep this man quiet? Read on for the details.

Various cancers such as cancer of the larynx, malignant brain tumors and tumor in other regions of the head, face and neck have resulted in several court cases where cell phone users actually sued the cell phone companies themselves for alleged malignancies from cell phone usage or over exposure to cell phone transmission relay sites.

A prime example of this occurred recently in Israel when a cell phone user sued the Partner Communications Company, the local representative for the Dutch based Orange cell phone company for an aggressive malignant lymphoma cancer near his left ear.

The plaintiff was eventually awarded a sum of NS 400,000 ($108,000) in an “out of court” settlement, according to Haaretz.

The plaintiff, himself an attorney, had used his cell phone excessively in an office he had converted from a “secure room” which is built similar to a bomb shelter. Due to the thickness of the walls, it was determined that more radiation than usual was emitted from the phone being used in such an environment.

While the cell phone company claimed they adhere to established criteria regarding usage of their products, they most likely wanted to avoid undue and damaging publicity that might have occurred if the case had been tried in court; even though the plaintiff had been using his phone excessively in a closed environment.

Cell phones have often been described as “miniature microwave appliances”  and those who use them on a regular basis have been cautioned to use external earphone and microphones to avoid receiving excessive radiation doses.

Even with more and more cell phones being  used, especially the “smart phone” devices which employed a variety of usage applications, legal cases like this one are still considered as rare.

It’s likely that more such cases will occur as these devices have become an indispensable part of our modern lifestyle. What ever happened to ordinary telephone lines?

In the event that you are using a cell phone here are some tips from Sadetzki to help you stay safe from radiation’s harm:

1. Parents should limit the time their kids use cell phones or any hands-free devices

2. Calls, especially made by children should be limited in time

3. Cell phones should never be carried when touching the body, like in a pocket where radiation can be transmitted to the body while it’s communicating with the base station,

4. Cells phones shouldn’t be recharged near your bed or sleeping/resting quarters

5. Use a headset when talking on cell phone

6. Limit use in rural areas, because the radiation levels can be higher, the more spaced out antennas are in your network

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