An Organic Farm Springs Up in Sinai

best friends, safari trek, bedouin, eco farm, organic farm, wadi marawan, egypt, sinaiThe Wadi Marawan Organic Farm is a new project by the ‘Best Friends Safari’ that guides tour groups in Egypt

Located at the terraces of Panorama Mountain Camp, the Wadi Marawan Organic Farm is a veritable paradise in the middle of the Sinai Peninsula. Over 4,000 sq. metres of land is planted with vegetables and fruit trees that organisers hope visitors will soon be able to sample at the Panorama Restaurant in Dahab, Sinai.

The Best Friends Safari group, which leads desert treks and Bedouin evenings and has over twenty years of tour guiding experience, provides a sustainable and environmental mountain camp for guests and volunteers.

Kasia Starosta, who got in touch with Green Prophet, explains that the group behind the project are a pretty international bunch. As well as making the most of Egyptian farming, they have a British member providing technical support, a French member providing solar solutions as well as her Polish passion for sustainability, volunteering and development.

“We are also involved in developing the programme for gathering environmental ideas for Egypt,” she added.

The Panorama Mountain Camp area has space for tents, basic facilities and stunning views of the city of Dahab, Lagoona and the Gulf of Aqaba. The team is also busy building 10 ecological mountain houses that will be constructed out of seaside stones.

The Best Friends Safari company organizes safaris from one day/one night trips to 1-2 weeks visiting places such as the White Canyon, Coloured Canyon, Sinai Oasis, Canyon Arada, Sarabait Al Chadim, Moses Mountain, Dolphin-Beach, St. Catharine Monastery, Ras Abu Galum National Park area, Nawamis with the Roman houses, National Park of Ras Mohammed and many others including unknown Bedouin routes.

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