Egypt’s First Female Dive Master Speaks Out

Egypt has certified the country’s first female dive master – a devout Muslim who refers to herself as a feminist. With coveted dive spots scattered all along the Red Sea, the ecologically-threatened Sinai Peninsula attracts scores of Egyptian and foreign visitors every year. But until now, not one Arab or Egyptian woman has taken their […]


Egypt is Close to Bridging the Distance to Saudi

The Egyptian government announced earlier this week that a plan to bridge the distance between Egypt and Saudi Arabia across the Gulf of Aqaba is going to become reality in the very near future. A longstanding proposal previously rejected by former President Hosni Mubarak, a bridge linking the Sinai Peninsula and Saudi Arabia is expected […]


Sinai’s Ecological Future Hangs in the Balance

As part of the 1979 peace treaty with Israel, the Sinai Peninsula was restored to Egyptian control – an event that the country celebrated with some fanfare on April 25th, 2012. On that same day, the Egyptian Prime Minister Kamal Ganzouri witnessed two separate development plans that were signed between the Social Development Fund (SFD) and governors […]


Egypt Suffers When Israelis Spend Passover Elsewhere

Hundreds of Israelis used to spend Passover in Sinai but this year that’s very unlikely to happen and Egypt suffers as a result. Every year the government warns Israelis to avoid Sinai during Passover. Friends and relatives worry that they will become the next Ghalid Shalit, which is silly given there are now zero Israeli captives, […]


Is Troubled Egypt Ripe Enough For Eco-Tourism?

A new eco-village in Upper Egypt raises hopes that the country may move in a more sustainable tourism direction, which we would really love, but most indicators show that won’t happen any time soon. Hoda Baraka from Almasry Alyoum was one of the first journalists to point out how unregulated development is impacting on the timeless […]


Five Star Eco-Tourism in Cool, But Hot Mid East Locations

Jordan’s Six Senses Evason Hot Springs Eco Resort. Does King Abdullah and family come here for fun? There are numerous eco-tourism options available in the Middle East. Green-hearted tourists can climb “God’s Mountain” in Egypt or visit the desert oasis of Siwa along the Red Sea coast in Sinai. But in the United Arab Emirates, five star […]


Oceanic White Tip Shark Kills Elderly Woman In Egypt

Egyptian negligence may have caused the unnecessary death of a German tourist yesterday. An illegal Australian sheep dump in the sea might be the cause. Just after authorities reopened the tourist area to snorkelers following three separate shark attacks last week, a German woman was attacked and killed in Sharm al-Sheikh yesterday. Last week three […]