Urban Kibbutz Reels in Rooftop Solar Investment in Israel

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An urban kibbutz in sun-drenched southern Israel invested in a field of rooftop solar panels that are already pumping out more energy than the community needs. Three years ago members of the Migvan kibbutz in Sderot, which receives plenty of untapped year-round sun, made the collective decision to invest in renewable solar energy in order to save energy, make a small but meaningful contribution to a cleaner environment, and create a long-term savings account for the kibbutz, Ynet reports.

Once the decision was made, kibbutz member Lior Lapid told Ynet, representatives of the small 50-member kibbutz applied for a bank loan. Once approved, the purchased 10 Sunpower systems.

Installed in April, the solar panels produce roughly 70 kilowatts of energy per year, which is more than required to meet the day-to-day energy requirements.

Lapid explains that they are expecting to pay off their loan in 8-9 years and receive roughly a 12% return on their investment.

Originally founded in 1987 with a clear environmental ethos from the start, the Migvan kibbutz has added a  rooftop solar farm to their growing green repertoire.

This simple act has relieved  pressure on the country`s national grid, which is powered by fossil fuels that come with a profound eco-socio price, and the community has a small business that can help to sustain them in the years to come.

And while this small gesture might seem negligible overall, if twenty small communities invest in a similar system, that adds up to a 1.4MW solar farm that relies only on existing rooftops to power over 300 households each year.

Gives a whole new meaning to power for the people, no?

:: Ynet

Image credit: solar panel under blue sky, shutterstock

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