Rosh Hashanah recipes for vegan, veggie and aware people

Rosh HaShanah’s Symbolic Foods are only the start of the Jewish New Year’s feasting.

While the Jewish new year is a time for contemplation and prayer, there’s nothing sparse about the festivities. Families gather together to feast in the late morning and again in the evening, after blessing the day with wine. Read about the excellent Israeli wines here.

The family cook often starts feeling overwhelmed with the quantity of cooking that takes place. To help plan menus, view our roundup of festive recipes for some splendid holiday meals.

For vegetarians, or for a dairy break in the middle of the two-day round of fancy meals, try some of these meat-free ideas:

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5 Fresh Fig and Cheese Recipes

A medley of links to recipes featuring super-food Freekeh


Pomegranate-Nut Salad

Chickpea and Artichoke Salad

Easy Moroccan Orange Salad

Freekah, Feta and Fig Salad


Poussins Stuffed with Pine Nuts and Rice

Makluba, Arabic Upside-Down Chicken and Rice

Persian Chicken in Walnut Sauce



Honey Cake

Honey Cookies

Silky Malabi pudding: keep malabi dairy-free by substituting coconut  or almond milk.

A Condiment, a  Dip, and a Spread:


Home-Made Pomegranate Molasses

Baba Ganoush



Almond Milk

Honey Beer

Make Turkish Coffee Like a Native

More  Rosh HaShanah Goodies on Green Prophet:

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