RECIPE: Easy Moroccan Orange Salad

image-moroccan-orange-saladA slightly sweet, floral salad that goes surprisingly well with tomatoes and onions.

Does this seem more like dessert than a side dish? Yet this ultra-easy salad of orange slices works well next to the main dish as well as after the meal.

Children love it, and it’s a good way to get some vitamin C into them at this time of year.

Seasonal fruit, after all, is more nutritious than hot-house produce grown out of season.

Moroccan Orange Salad

1 serving

1 or 2 navel oranges
1 teaspoon orange flower water
Granulated sugar
Ground cinnamon

Peel the oranges. Remove the white pith. Slice the oranges thinly into rings.

Arrange the orange slices on a plate. Drizzle the orange flower water over them.

Sprinkle plenty of  sugar and cinnamon over all. Serve immediately.

Variation: Mix 1 teaspoon lemon juice with the orange flower water. Grate 1 medium carrot and spoon it gently around the orange slices.


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Photo of Moroccan Orange Salad by sdostal77 via Flickr.

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