Traditional Passover Matzah Balls Recipe

Matzah balls, the only Eastern European food that crossed over to Sephardic cuisine. While Ashkenazic Jews have enthusiastically adopted the spicy foods of Israeli’s Sephardic communities, there hasn’t been much culinary exchange from the other direction. Ordinarily, Sephardic Jews (Middle Eastern and North African origin) wrinkle their noses at the foods of Eastern European Jewry. […]


Honey Cookies for Rosh HaShanah RECIPE

Bake a batch of honeyed cookies for the Jewish New Year. Symbol of all things sweet and good, honey is part of many Rosh HaShanah recipes. Here at Green Prophet, we use only chemical-free honey. Our popular honey cake  is based on a traditional recipe, and so are these honey cookies. German immigrants brought the […]


Lamb Kebabs Marinated in Pomegranate Molasses

In the Middle East, grilled meat is king. This recipe calls for marinating lamb cubes overnight in pomegranate molasses, a sweet, thick reduction of pomegranate juice. We have a recipe for it here. Then it takes only 15 minutes to cook. Have ready rice, a variety of salads, hummous to spread on your challah, and […]