First Solar Succah Goes Up In Kfar Saba, Israel

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“We’re one of the most environmentally friendly cities in Israel,” says Kfar Saba mayor Yehuda Ben Hamo.

In Israel, each municipality raises a Jewish holiday temporary tent called a succah for the benefit of local workers and visitors. This year, the very first succah illuminated by solar energy will go up in the central-region town of Kfar Saba. This showcase project will hopefully stir popular enthusiasm, especially in view of the government’s lagging investment in solar energy.

Mayor Yehuda Ben Hamo said, “The city of Kfar Saba is a city that was established on a green agenda.  A green and energy-saving succah operating on solar energy is only appropriate.”

Maybe soon every succah will be able to follow Kfar Saba’s example, using DIY solar panels made of grass – which would be really fitting to this week-long harvest holiday.

The solar-powered succa will stand in Kfar Saba’s municipal park. Solar panels will be set up nearby. The energy absorbed and stored will charge LED bulbs to illuminate the interior at night.

Entertainment in the succcah (all in Hebrew) includes a celebration of the volunteer organization Sharon Club’s 25th year on Tuesday. There will be talks on the spirituality of Succot by author Yochi Brandes, and by Rabbi Sasson Trabelsi, who is chairman of the Religious Council, entertainment by singer Einat Sarouf, and klezmer music.

“I invite everyone to be our “ushpizin” (spiritual guests) this Succot holiday,” Ben-Hamo said. “Visit this special Solar Succah, and see how  you too can create environmentally friendly energy and light.”

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image of couple decorating a succa via Shutterstock.

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