Qatar Commissions Groundbreaking Eco Villa From UK Architects

green building, eco-villa, Qatar, LSI Architects, renewable energy, water conservation, QSASThe relationship between Qatar and the UK keeps getting cozier – at least in the realm of architecture. First The Shard, which is owned almost completely by Qatar, was recently unveiled in London, and now the country’s first experimental eco-villa will be designed by a UK-based firm.

Curtailed by the recession in their home country, LSI Architects spent two years pitching their firm’s talents in sustainable architecture in the emirate. This effort that finally earned them the opportunity to submit a proposal to the Gulf Organisation for Research and Development (GORD) for an innovative, renewably-powered villa. 

Laying the foundation

LSI partner Trevor Price explained to designMENA that he first visited Qatar in 2010 on a UKTI trade mission, during which he spoke to large audiences about his firm’s work in sustainable architecture.

The firm’s partners also worked with the British Embassy in Qatar and even went so far as to become proficient in the QSAS sustainability assessment program that is the envy of green developers around the world.

Once this training was complete, GORD invited LSI and two other firms to summit their proposal for an eco-villa. It is unclear where it will be built, but it will have an exciting list of features that puts Qatar en par with Abu Dhabi as a leader in sustainable development.

Qatar catches up with Abu Dhabi

The details of the project have yet to be completely revealed, but we do know that LSI has proposed to build with eco-friendly materials and to implement an über efficient plumbing and irrigation system to reduce water waste. The house will be self-powered using renewable energy generation and electrical consumption will be monitored by a “smart” building system.

Construction of the project is slated to being in autumn this year. We hope it will be so well done that it will become the envy of other villas owners who will then want to follow suit.

This news comes on the heels of a recent announcement that Siemens will supply the Qatar Foundation site in Doha with no fewer than 19 trams that will eventually keep the campus free of cars in the future.

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