Breakfast With Venus?

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Venus crossed the sun this morning in the Middle East, giving heaven-gazers a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the hot planet. Venus’ next transit accross the sun will be in the year 2117. Earth’s twin made an appearance as a black dot traversing the sun this morning in the Middle East and Egyptians were there watching. According to Ahram Online, Cairo’s early-risers got to see this transit this morning at 6:37 am, and the experience was visible for a total of 18 minutes. People all over the world prepared for the spectacle, some in Canada as picnic sunsets. We didn’t get up early enough to see the Venus event, and be sure that whenever you are keen to “see” sun events that you take the necessary precautions as Brian points out in his Venus crossing story.

Image of Venus sun love from Shutterstock

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  1. Well All middle east id hot planet , where ever you go you will find hotness every where 🙂 but i do remember when i use to live in saudia temperature start from 45 to 55 🙂

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