Ecosex and Why Environmentalists are Avoiding the e-Spot

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Ecosex is the ‘trend that could’ except among most green bloggers and editors. Why are they avoiding the one subject that could resurrect environmentalism?

Take a hike to fall in love with Planet Earth and embody green loving? End your romance with plastic because the evidence is irrefutable; BPA is nasty to your naked bits? You bet! From healthy habits in the bedroom to eating for optimum performance, Ecosex is the optimal way to experience intimacy that is good for you and safe for the planet. With rare exception however (Green Prophet is notably cool), the green blogosphere has yet to catch the enthusiasm; even though it is this writer’s opinion that Ecosex has the potential to revitalize enthusiasm for eco-conscious living among a populace grown bored, weary or deaf. Yes, Ecosex can save the world. But greenies have to finally listen.

Fortunately, other visionaries are. Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens, champions of the movement, have started walking tours in the United States to introduce participants to the beauty of the outdoors. They call it finding your e-Spot. Stefanie Iris Weiss, author of Ecosex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable (2010) is doing workshops at adult pleasure shops.

Sacred sexuality educators, Alan Strydom and Farhana Goga (whose ancestry is a colorful mix of Jewish, Christian and Muslim) interviewed a dozen Ecosex thoughtleaders for the newly minted EcoSex Summit: Live Organically, Love Orgasmically.

Strangely, most of the contributing voices are from outside the traditional green movement.

As a ardent advocate for Ecosexuality (or sexecology, another term to describe the philosophy), I was honored to speak with Alan and Farhana twice. My first lecture introduces the basic tenets of Ecosex, and my subsequent telesummit focuses on my eBook. People Planet Pleasure Purpose: Five Meaningful Ways to Embody Eco-Conscious Intimacy (Available EarthDay, April 22, 2012 to subscribers of, does more than discuss the joys of making love organically. It links these green intentions to better stewardship of the planet.

I’m on fire for this topic. In the past six months, I started a dynamic Facebook Ecosex Group with participants from around the globe. This summer will mark the third Ecosex Summit in the states, of which I’ll be participating. My gratitude the editor of Green Prophet, Karin Kloosterman, cannot be overstated. She opened the door to exploring the interplay between our planet and our private lives. When we first discussed the idea, we were both taking a chance. Karin, because of the sensitive nature for a conservative audience, and me because my green blogging experience was until then limited.

In the intervening three years, I’ve observed the sex-positive community commandeers the Ecosex discussion.  Ecosex has exploded in popularity among those whose sexual proclivities would make many blush. They are serious about their efforts and intention to green their intimate ecosystems for more than pleasure’s sake. This is about environmentalism through and through. Sustainability in the bedroom translating into absolute adoration and caretaking of planet earth. It covers sexual health, spirituality, ancient wisdom, optimal nutrition, women’s issues and eco-feminism and love and relationships.

So why the dull echo amongst those who proclaim to care so much about these very subjects?

How do I know – because I’ve pitched dozens of stories on deaf, non-responsive ears. One could suppose the problem is me. My writing stinks or my lack of green credentials deem me unworthy for the likes of the big wigs on the other side of the Atlantic. Except, I can say with strong confidence that there’s more than rejecting my stories to this story.

You see, cccasionally, another traditional environmental site has picked up the narrative, but what they’ve had to say about Ecosex has often been as unimaginative as a turnip. Take this silly nonsense (I’m not naming the site or the author to save them embarrassment):

 Take this quiz and tally your points at the end to find out how eco you actually are.

1. What’s in your top drawer?

A. Underpants and socks (1 point)

B. Underpants and a copy of World Changing (2 points)

C. Underpants and a Secrets of Sacred Sex DVD (3 points)

2. What is climate porn?

A. A scary way to describe global warming (3 points)

B. Pornography watched in a hot room (1 point)

C. A sexy movie shot in an equatorial country (2 points)

Seriously, that’s all they can say about Ecosex? Some silly quiz about sock drawers. A lack of understanding about how this matters throws us all under the bus, leaving us to choke on the fumes.

Do they not understand the importance of sex in everyday living? Nevermind that it is the most natural thing for all living things to do – procreate and please – but that our current sexualove experiences are muted by environmental pollutants cutting at the very core of our sexual health, vitality and wellbeing. Quite simply, the Environmental movement is missing a robust opportunity to garner a major influx of enthusiastic green beings.  By refusing to acknowledge that intimacy is at the heart of all matters, including correct stewardship of our natural resources, green activists are being upstaged by polyamorists, queers, tantrikas, doms and all sorts of alternative folks (no judgement call here – I’m just glad someone is loving the green way).

Really, that’s the best environmentalists can do?

I wrote my book to wake ordinary people up. If the environmentalists won’t take charge en masse of Ecosex, maybe soccer moms (or in the case of the Middle East, Shuk Moms) will see this light. Mother Earth doesn’t need us to survive, but we need her first. Better make sure comes first. There’s no clearer path that I can see to illuminate that need than by pointing out where our neglect will hurt most – our sexual lives and procreative futures.

Sex sells. In this case, it also really matters. My book, People Planet Pleasure Purpose: 5 Meaningful Ways to Embody Eco-Conscious Intimacy will be available on Sunday, April 22, 2012 in time for Earth Day. It’s free to subscribers to my site, at least for the time being. My hope – and this is a planetary goal, not just a concerned blogger tooting her horn – is that enough people will read it and become Ambassadors of the Ecosex revolution.

And maybe, just maybe, one of those editors or publishers in the green writing world will give the topic a second glance.

They’ll know where to find me. I’ve sent them dozens of emails, tweets, Facebook requests and more.

Tinamarie Bernard is the author of People Planet Pleasure Purpose, an Ecosex eBook, out Earth Day, 2012. Follow her @ModernLoveMuse. She also blogs at

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  1. Jeremy says:

    This article would be more useful to me and this community your trying to awaken if, somewhere within, was explained what ecosex is in the first place!

  2. Tinamarie says:

    Thank you Annie! Consider that omission corrected immediately. T

  3. Great to read about ecosexuality here. Just want to mention that the Ecosex Walking Tours I do were developed with my partner, artist and ecosexual, Elizabeth Stephens. We do 50/50 collaborations. And she deserves credit. We’ll be doing an ecosex walking tour of the redwoods in Oakland in a few weeks. Come along!

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