Israeli Turbo Composter Makes Home Composting Easy


Do you keep a covered bucket in the kitchen for the organic garbage? If you do, you know only too well how awful it can smell.

Hamamit, an Israeli supplier of greenhouses and composters, offers an odor-free home composter that turns kitchen scraps into dry compost in 18 hours.

Something like the elephant dung that the Tel Aviv Safari now composts. Dumping the garbage into a compost box outside, you may have to bang on the box’s side first, to send any mice in there running.

That used to be my experience, when I had a garden with a compost box. If only I’d had one of these turbo composters. The stainless-steel container heats kitchen scraps up to 80° C, turning them over and producing good compost in less than a day.

It loads from the top, making it easy to scrape dishes and pots into it, and closes hermetically, shutting down automatically for safety when the lid is opened. There are appropriate sizes for home and industrial kitchens.

This method has the additional advantage of reducing kitchen garbage’s volume by as much as 85%, which sure makes smaller landfills.


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