Make Compost In Your Living Room

Nourish your garden or potted plants with compost made in your home.

Praxxus55712. The nick of a mysterious Minnesota gardener. We’re given only his first name, Ray. He uploads excellent videos for home gardeners to YouTube, freely sharing his gardening expertise with a gentle, humorous touch. Although I’m all in favor of composting and would like to make a project of it with my teenager, I thought I couldn’t  make compost. All I have is a little apartment balcony. But after watching Ray mixing compost up on his living room rug, apartment composting has become accessible.

The equipment is simple: one bucket and maybe an old shirt to cover it. The ingredients:  plant material. Coffee grounds, and if you make coffee like a Middle Eastern native, you can start saving some grounds up now. Some dirt.  Water. And – the amazing secret ingredient – mint thins. Don’t believe me? You have to see to believe.

Ray was composting indoors because snow covered his garden. Well, June in the Middle East isn’t exactly snow weather. But the advice is good all the same.

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Photo by Praxxus55712 via YouTube.

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