Green Tu B’Shvat Tour of Tel Aviv Celebrates the City’s Planted Areas

"green boulevard tel aviv"An English-language ‘green’ tour of Tel Aviv will take place this weekend in honor of Tu B’Shvat, the Jewish New Year for trees.

The city of Tel Aviv is no stranger to green tours, in fact it has seen all kinds of them.  Tel Aviv’s eco-tourists can enjoy a running tour of the city, a biking tour, or an annual tour of the city’s green architecture.  This Saturday, in honor of the Jewish Tu B’Shvat holiday, a special green tour will guide people along the belt of Tel Aviv’s green, tree-lined boulevards.

Tu B’shvat, also known as the “Jewish New Year for trees”, marks the time that determines a tree’s age.  It also commemorates the beginning of spring, and trees are often planted in celebration.

Tel Aviv’s first Tu B’shvat celebration, in 1910, was celebrated by school students who threw flowers at each other in a singing parade.  This green historical anecdote about the city, along with others, will be part of the Tu B’Shvat tour’s reference to local ecological traditions.

Since Tel Aviv was planned by a botanist (Scottish Sir Patrick Geddes), it is blessed with a “belt” of green avenues that includes popular Rothschild Boulevard (pictured above).  The tour will travel along these green stretches and touch upon the city’s original plan as a “garden city”.

The English-language tour is being organized by Discover Tel Aviv and will be held on Saturday, February 11th.

:: Ynet

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Image via: Or Hiltch


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