Sex Toys and Tips That Are Planet Safer

mating green beetlesValentine’s Day is less than a month away. Here are a few ways to get green and sexy all over the planet. 

The PIP breast implant recall has Green Prophet readers worried. The breast implants filled with industrial-grade silicon instead of medical grade, can leak – leading to not so good health effects in adult women. This is sad news for Green Prophets everywhere especially those that advocate safe and green sex, words that go together for a healthier, less populated planet. Looking ahead to better more loving news, next month is the internationally celebrated holiday of love, Valentine’s Day. Let’s accentuate the positive looking at options for adult toys and adult ways of celebrating sex, the Green Prophet way.

1. Enhance Your Breasts Naturally. Send these tips to your your lover. Eating foods like fenugreek can increase your bust size naturally, without any serious health effects, unless you consider smelling like Maple Syrup really bad!

ofer zixk sex toy2. Buy an Ofer Zick silicon sex toy.

Made from medical grade silicon which is unusual for sex toys: these are a little more expensive adult toys than most, but they are eco friendly, and sexy!

Zick, whose name rhymes with… you know… says this: “Design is the ability to recognize, analyze interpret and translate necessity to a new user experience. What this means is that you have to find something people need, and then give them the full experience. It’s not just functional; aesthetic issues are part of it too.”

Tina’s review on the products make us a bit queasy, in fact this whole topic does, but click above if you want to know more. Warning, according to our research at the site below, penetrative sex toys are not allowed according to Islam.

3. Visit the El Asira website for eco Muslims.

If you live in the Middle East and want to buy for an eco-Muslim or Muslimah, you can shop online at El Asira, a discreet online store that sells adult sex aids aimed towards a savvy international Muslim community.

Keeping with halal standards, Tinamarie finds, there are two entry points, no pun intended, one for men and one for women. The site offers oils, candles, lubes and nutritional supplements intended to increase innuendo of the sexual variety in the Muslim way.

If you have any other safe, green and loving ways to celebrate sexuality, please leave your notes in the comments section.

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