Eco-Friendly Flyerzone Makes Paper Printing Less Guilty

flyerzone green printingFor those times when you can’t use electronic delivery methods and just need those paper products, eco-friendly suppliers like Flyerzone come in handy.

As much as we may try to avoid the need for paper products (or find creative ways to reuse paper), sometimes you just need to get something printed on good old-fashioned paper.  Business cards are a classic example (and not everyone can stamp their business cards on the back of used railway tickets in the style of Israeli green business guru Erez Steinberg).  So when you do need to create a paper product – such as leaflets, business cards, flyers, stationary, invitations, posters or postcards – it is best to go through an eco-friendly supplier.  UK-based printing company Flyerzone fits the (paper) bill. Better news, they deliver around the world.

Flyerzone provides an easy way to order design and printing projects online, with a large and growing catalogue of “design agency quality” templates that can be easily tailored to your specific needs.  (Above and below are examples of a few of their flyer and business card templates.)

The designs are created by an international community of designers who constantly add new designs to the site.

flyerzone green printingIn addition to providing aesthetically pleasing products, though, Flyerzone tries to act responsibly towards the environment as well.  The paper used in Flyerzone printing projects is only sourced from well managed forests that are certified under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).  In addition, there is a wide range of recycled paper options (some 100% recycled, and some 50% recycled). They have an excellent policy that rewards its employees who think green with bonuses and benefits.

Flyerzone buys its inks in bulk, too.  All printing is done with vegetable-based inks that are pumped straight from large drums (as opposed to smaller cartridges in wasteful packaging).

Unused paper and printing plates are recycled by Flyerzone, and used chemicals are disposed of responsibly.

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