Fashion Beirut’s New Photo Campaign Says Animal Abuse Is Wrong

"animal rights lebanon"Simply put: “best friends are not meant to abused”.

The fashion industry is not known for being friendly towards animals (particularly those of the furry variety), but Fashion Beirut contradicted expectations last month when it created a photo campaign together with Animals Lebanon.  The photo campaign shows a fashionable young woman accompanied by a dog (who, if for no other reason, should be well taken care of because he makes a fabulous fashion accessory).  The tagline for the campaign is “best friends are not meant to be abused”.

The campaign was produced in part to support the efforts of Animals Lebanon, a Beirut-based organization that attempts to stop circus animal abuse, zoo animal abuse, and the unfair treatment of stray animals.

"animal rights beirut"Animals Lebanon describes its mission as working “to protect animals through legislation, education, campaigns and rescue.”  The organization believes that

“our treatment of animals is a reflection of how we treat ourselves and each other.  We believe that the welfare of all animals matters, and are committed to bringing about a time when these beliefs are embraced by society and Lebanon is recognized as a leader in animal welfare.”

"fashion beirut animals"Animals Lebanon has already successfully:

  • closed down three abusive zoos and rehomed over 100 animals in sanctuaries
  • exposed circus cruelty and led to the closing of a circus
  • established an animal adoption center and rehomed over 700 cats and dogs
  • investigated the smuggling of endangered animals into and through Lebanon
  • worked with the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture to draft and enact national animal welfare legislation

:: Fashion Beirut
:: Animals Lebanon

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