Caught Wearing An Aborted Lamb Fetus Karacul Hat!

Green Prophet’s founder (that’s me) caught on camera wearing a controversial karacul hat. My husband’s people come from the Silk Road region of Tajikistan, where the elders pride themselves on wearing grey or black karacul hats. Football shaped, with soft fur, they give a man a look of distinction. On a recent outing to a […]


Are “Sick Chicks” Poisoning Israel’s Ground Water?

Something afoul? 1.5 million sick chickens illegally buried Following last year’s mass poultry culling in the Tulkarem area of the West Bank, due to fears of  Avian Flu virus, it has been recently discovered that more than 1.5 chicken carcasses that were buried in northern Israel following a poultry epidemic are now feared to be […]

Formula One Is Going Green. Ish.

Fans of formula one racing claim that energy saving techniques will ruin all the fun because cars won’t be as noisy! Just yesterday we reported on a floating Olympic stadium that could offset the sometimes heavy environmental costs associated with what we almost all love: sport. In preparation for 2022, Qatar will have to build […]


Egyptian Women Forced to Take ‘Virginity Tests’ During Protests, Amnesty International

Unstable and unsustainable societies threaten our health, and that of the environment. The latest: virginity tests in Egypt. Despite their massive involvement in the protests and overthrow of their government, Egyptian women are being denied a voice in the formation of a new government, World Pulse and other watchdog organizations report. Amnesty International has called […]


Meat Glue: It’s Everywhere, But We Don’t Know It

A succulent slice of foie gras. That perfect round shape was produced with an enzyme called transglutaminase –  meat glue. The more I learn about meat glue, the more cheated I feel. Since there’s no law ensuring that I be informed, I could be absorbing blood-clotting enzyme without suspecting it. Transglutaminase is said to be […]