Playful Packaging From Gugu Design

"alphabet game design"The packaging from Gugu Design’s games is not merely protective, but actually another game.  Two games for the price of one package!

We’ve seen sustainable designers upcycle the packaging from other products to make something new (such as the Ecoist clutch purses made from candy and potato chip bag wrappers), and we’ve even seen them make recycled paper furniture inspired by industrial packaging.  Yet these designs were based on the premise that packaging is something external to a product, and which can be discarded once the product has been opened.  Israeli designer Oshrit Ben Gal of Gugu Design disagrees with this concept and has come up with another one.

What if the packaging for a product could transform into a product of its own?


Gugu Design has created an alphabet poster for children (seen in the video clip above) which comes in a pyramid shaped tube.  The tube is not only ornamental and protective, but is designed to transform into an alphabet card game stored in a card box of its own."alphabet poster design"

The cards complement the poster, and allow for learning on-the-go since they can be easily transported (unlike the poster).  Ben Gal’s vision is that her design makes learning the alphabet more accessible and fun for children.

The game also teaches a valuable lesson about using resources wisely and avoiding waste.

:: Gugu Design via Designist Dream

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