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After publishing so many stories about Arabs who offend nature so deeply, the Green Sheikh’s soothing  words are especially timely. 

What links humans, nature and technology is one of the secrets of life. This link should be used to reach sustainability and to seek “Nature’s Wisdom,” which originates from a conscious and extensive belief in friendship and culture, in order to achieve the natural balance of life.

Our eyes let us see and imagine and bring us to a charming landscape, while a pure heart connects us with the earth and gives us consciousness of nature. A bright spirit influences the waves and sense of magic with its transparency, although many of us can only see superficially, losing the perception of nature and of particular environmental facts. But the photographer helps us re-gain our connection.

How many of us are aware of the challenges met by a photographer trying to convey the ingenuity of the Creator’s living and lifeless beings? When a photographer is taking a beautiful picture, he or she sacrifices his or her time, his or her safety, and sometimes his or her life.

Despite this, to capture the majesty of life as it happens, he or she keeps on giving us high-quality, often colorful pictures, including green for growth innovation, blue for peacefulness, sky, and water, and black for calmness, modest and comfort. Nature’s colors are almost innumerable – as many as those reflected by the sun or even the full moon on its way from east to west or from north to south.

Through the photographer’s lens, I see human creativity in his or her passion, whether it is artistic, environmental, naturalist or any other kind of photography. By portraying the “wisdom of nature, or the nature of wisdom” and by highlighting plenty of details, the photographer can help us understand the whole picture of knowledge, and save our collective memories and experiences.

We all know that pictures tell even more than a thousand words and one shot can generate millions of feelings. We should thank the world’s photographers for their efforts and for the wonderful work they do for us and for nature.

This column was translated from Arabic into English by Silvia Gandolfo, a translator and interpreter based in France. She can be reached at silviagandolfo [at] hotmail [dot] it.

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