Nature’s Wisdom Through the Photographer’s Lens – the Green Sheikh


  After publishing so many stories about Arabs who offend nature so deeply, the Green Sheikh’s soothing  words are especially timely.  What links humans, nature and technology is one of the secrets of life. This link should be used to reach sustainability and to seek “Nature’s Wisdom,” which originates from a conscious and extensive belief […]

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The Green Sheikh: Love Your Children and They Will Love the Planet


For this month’s column, the Green Sheikh suggests that giving children a sound, stable, kind upbringing in turn cultivates their relationship to nature. When we are talking about environmental domains, who among us would not be happy to have his body in natural harmony? This naturalness creates self-esteem and satisfaction and generates in each person […]

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Amazing Meeting Between Green Sheikh and ECOFFEE Founder Norman Cescut

Sheikh Abdul Aziz introduces ECOFFEE founder Norman Cescut, who describes three “amazing” days spent with the man we call “The Green Sheikh.” Through social media, ECOFFEE Founder Norman Cescut was following my various ecological trips worldwide, and soon asked me if I was interested in doing sustainable business with him. I told him: “it is […]

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