Spencer Tunick Mad Over Naked Dead Sea Photo Leak

leak dead sea photoLeaked pictures from the Dead Sea naked shoot reveal identifiable information of the naked models.

When more than a thousand people signed up for the Naked Sea project, US installation artist Spencer Tunick took great care to ensure that the privacy of the naked models would be kept, um, private. Green Prophet’s Alex was part of the day, and he spoke about the fun, and routine that the volunteer models had to go through to ensure the day would be kept secret until the pictures were taken.

But new images, possibly taken by an official photographer at the shoot, reveal high resolution quality of all the naked models allowing viewers to identify them by their faces. Imagine what Facebook tagging will do to their online reputations!

Spencer Tunick reportedly is very shocked that this has happened. Although he allowed foreign journalists near the shoot they had to stand some 500 metres away from the models as they were unrobing. His promise was that he would shoot their bodies, but no-one would be able to recognize anyone by their face.

Goes to show you, that just like putting embarassing photos on Facebook for the world to see, think twice before you strip for any cause, even an environmental one, if you expect your privacy (on some level) to be protected.

The above photo is not the leaked image, but a photo that Tunick released about 6 weeks ago.

Happy hunting if you are looking for the leaked pictures.


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One thought on “Spencer Tunick Mad Over Naked Dead Sea Photo Leak”

  1. Jonquil says:

    I found high resolution photos immediately after the installation, but it didn’t bother me a bit. I was there to be naked in public and feel good about it. I’m just surprised that it took so long for people to complain. I wasn’t even surprised that photographers overstepped their bounds.
    My report from the event:

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