Iranians Can’t Bluff Nuclear Needs With New Natural Gas

caspian sea Iran, natural gasIs this a sign from the heavens that Iran has no excuse now to pursue nuclear proliferation?

A new reserve of natural gas in the Caspian Sea suggests that Iran might be the world’s biggest owner of natural gas reserves, owning more even that Russia, some experts say.

According to an Iranian Government website a new reserve of 50 trillion cubic feet was found some 700 meters below sea level.

Already a major oil producer, Iran has been producing nuclear energy, it says, for electricity for its people – a bluff most of the world’s superpowers aren’t buying. America is putting pressure on the world to cut ties to Iran so it will stop nuclear warhead proliferation.

Iran should use natural gas at home

Despite its existing natural gas wells, Iranian cities are some of the most polluted in the world. It could learn from Canada on how to use natural gas to heat homes, for cooking and even in fueling cars of the future – to reduce smog, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Iranian minister of petroleum, Rostam Qasemi told a news conference: “the reservoir’s capacity is several times more than predictions,” he said, noting it was the fruit of many years of labor and that it will benefit the Iranian people in the north.

Referring to the Caspian Sea as the “sea of peace” he also said that sanctions on Iran would be useless. According to Qasemi remarks more than 800 research projects are underway in relation to the oil industry needs.

Iran has been trying to rally buyers for its natural gas for sometime now, working most recently on Pakistan. Regular sabotage of the so-called peace pipeline hamper development of its export market.

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