Spine Bike Built to Break When Stolen

Spine, ronen specktor city bikeRonen Spector has designed a bike lock so integral to the bike’s actual structure that ruining the lock would ruin the bike.

With so many cool bicycle designs out there though, you may still want to sport a rocking bike without worrying about theft.  Ronen Spector, a recent industrial design graduate from Shenkar in Israel, has designed an urban bike to suit those requirements and in which a part of the bike frame itself serves as the lock. Meaning, damaging the lock would damage the bike.  And what’s the point of stealing a damaged bike?


Called the SPiNe bike, the idea behind Spector’s design was that “the spine provides stability for the body and can also damage the body strength, so damage to the locking mechanism (which is a part of the bicycle frame) will damage the structure.”

Ronen Spector built in spine bike lock

Spector hopes that his SPiNe bike will provide an adequate (and aesthetic) response to the need to secure urban bikes quickly, easily and effectively.

Cycling is good for you and good for the environment, but bike theft (and laziness) sometimes deter people from getting their pedal on.  If you’re afraid to get a fancy two-wheeler for fear of it being stolen, you can either make your bike ugly on purpose as a deterrent or start using a bike-sharing system (such as the ones popping up in Tel Aviv, Doha, Nicosia, and possibly Beirut).

The lock in use:
spine bike ronen specktor

Hopefully this design will make the experience of cycling more pleasant as well, as cyclists can ride around without being weighed down by heavy locks.  “The mechanism of the bicycles allows the use of only part of the bicycle frame as a locking mechanism,” Spector writes.  “Using this mechanism for the securing of the bicycle does not require carrying any additional security measures.”


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