The Recycled Plastic Bike that Never Gets a Flat Tire

recycled materials, green transportation, Dror PelegDror Peleg’s recycled plastic bike will set you “Frii” from flat tires.

You won’t be able to do the Tour de France with this colorful bike designed by Israeli student Dror Peleg, but you will definitely capture everyone’s attention. Like this green toilet also developed in Israel, and Hashim Al Sada’s solar generator developed specifically for Qatari campers, Frii is relatively cheap to produce and has the potential to make life a lot greener and happier for a large number of people.

recycled materials, green transportation, Dror Peleg

Using injection mold technology, this spunky Frii bicycle is made entirely from recycled plastic materials. Notice that apart from the stand, hardly any metal parts have been incorporated into the design, ensuring that it can be adapted from the materials available in any given location.


recycled materials, green transportation, Dror Peleg

The tires are also made with injection mold technology, but instead of requiring air, they are completely solid. This means that it is impossible to get a flat! We’re not sure how these ride, but their cost, attractiveness, and general user-friendliness has us feeling pretty excited. We’d love to see these rolled out en masse on the streets of Tel-Aviv and elsewhere.


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