Home Kits to Capture the Sun from Roofs of Private Homes

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Buy a kit online and solarize your home like a true Solarpunk!

Complete kits are now available for installing home solar energy systems

In today’s growing solar energy market including large area projects occurring in the USA and in the Middle East too much attention is being placed on constructing large solar array farms in the middle of the desert.  One study made by Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority even tries to show that large solar mirror arrays are dangerous to area wildlife. And that’s what BrightSource versus the turtles is all about in California. Among some new solutions for the homeowner are PV panels integrated into the roof of your house.

With this in mind, some solar energy system manufacturers, and the ones who market these systems are putting their efforts into the manufacture and installation of smaller individual solar energy systems that can even be used on private homes. Two local Israeli solar energy and smart electrical energy companies Shyrel Solar Energy Systems and Ludivine Solar have teamed up with a Swiss solar and thermal dynamics company Swiss Solar Tech Ltd, and  Schneider Electric from France to give homeowners the power to create their own renewable energy.

Shyrel and Ludivine Solar are offering small businesses and private home owner a variety of energy saving systems that include small, ascetically designed solar energy systems with solar PV panels that can be literally integrated into the roof of a building, and provide the user with up to 1,000 volts and 10 amperes of solar generated electricity. The Swiss Solar Tech Ultimate Solar panels are sold in a kit form that can be literally integrated into the roof of a private home to provide a more ascetic look.

hybrid solar energy

Hybrid solar energy kit.

In addition to providing solar module systems in kit form, other smart electrical systems include an Ultimate Air One wind turbine that is also built for private homes, and a unique thermodynamic heat pump that restores 3.5kW of heat for 1kW of electricity used.

Ludivine Solar also markets a hybrid solar air conditioner, the Ultimate Blu Sun that is claimed to save up to 60% of electricity costs during operation, uses a non-polluting refrigerant, and reduces emissions of carbon dioxide by as much as 20 kg per year (equivalent to planting 100 trees).

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    A home solar kit is really a great way for the average person who might be overwhelmed with the technological side of solar to get their feet wet. A lot of folks feel helpless because of rising energy costs coupled with the instability of relying on an aging power grid. I think that hybrid combination kits like wind and solar are a great innovation as well.

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