iLAND’s Solar Packs for Peace-keepers, Festivals, Eco-jocks and Alpha Wolves Who Travel with the Sun


Whether you travel alone or in packs, there is a new range of portable solar solutions by the Swiss company iLAND (said island) that will put crummy little solar panels on your backpack to shame: iLand has developed and now manufactures portable solar power packs for events with thousands and those small enough for one.

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Portable LifeStraws Could Make Water Potable in Syria Refugee Camp


A small piece of plastic can save lives, preserve local eco-systems, and cut greenhouse gas emissions: finally, positive press for plastics. A Swiss-based company has developed portable water purifiers called LifeStraw that can be deployed at point-of-use to instantly convert water from hazardous to drinkable, without electricity and side-stepping the age-old practice of boiling. Nearly […]

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Home Kits to Capture the Sun from Roofs and Private Homes


Complete kits are now available for installing home solar energy systems In today’s growing solar energy market including large area projects occurring in the USA and in the Middle East too much attention is being placed on constructing large solar array farms in the middle of the desert.  One study made by Israel’s Nature and […]

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Dye Solar Cell “3G Solar” Moves On-Grid


3G Solar moves on-grid, where the market is  more lucrative than off-grid, developing countries The Israeli solar power firm 3G Solar will move on grid as part of a new ownership strategy, according to What sets 3G Solar apart from most other photovoltaic solar companies is its unique technology based on the Dye Solar […]

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Middle East Water Security Worries the Prince of Jordan


Karin meets Prince Hassan of Jordan at a water security conference in Switzerland last week. It was a meeting of minds, water minds. Water consultants, ambassadors who’ve built water treaties, and government specialists and negotiators from around the Middle East and Europe gathered in Montreux, Switzerland for a two-day workshop on Water Security in the […]

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Switzerland’s 2000 Watt Society And Swiss Energy-Saving Practices Introduced To Israel


Who would think that Switzerland and Israel have anything in common? Switzerland brings to mind lush mountains, flowing streams and delicious chocolate. Israel has the well known (and personally loved) chocolad para but it doesn’t quite compare. I guess it takes a diplomat to make the connection. Monika Schmutz-Kirgöz, the Deputy Head of Mission of […]

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