Sunday’s Middle East Green News Snippets

green-middle-east-newsCatch up on the green stories from Middle East you may have missed this week

It’s certainly been a busy week of green news and our team of Green Prophet reporters have been working hard to get the latest to you. From Lebanon’s embrace of the car to the continuing water problems for Egypt’s Nile, we have been bringing you the best. We also launched our Green Prophet Eco Hero of 2011 campaign (don’t forget to nominate someone!) and highlighted an important new initiative working to green religious pilgrimages.

However, there are some smaller stories which we just didn’t get time to cover. That’s not to say they’re just as important- in fact, if you think more in-depth coverage of these stories would be useful just let us know.

Jordan: We Want Competent Environment Minister
Green campaigners and NGO’s in Jordan tell the Prime Minister to elect “a competent and experienced environment Minister” ahead of the upcoming formation of the new government. In an open letter, they also raised concerns over plans to merge the Ministry of Environment with another department, as this would be seen as a setback on environmental issues.
:: Jordan Times

Egypt’s Gazelle Population Down Due To Hunting & Habitat Destruction
As part of its weekly “Endangered Species” series covering Egypt’s endangered flora and fauna, Al-Masry Al-Youm looks at the country’s gazelle population this week. The article explores the decline of the gazelle population due to unregulated hunting and habitat destruction due to construction and development. Previous articles have covered wild cats, marine turtles and vultures.
:: Al-Masry Al-Youm

Saudi Woman Makes It To ‘Sustainable Desert’ Competition Finals
Noura Chehab of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is one of ten finalists selected from 630 entries into the “Siemens Student Award 2011” quest to build sustainable cities in the desert using energy-efficient technology. There were entries from countries such as Qatar, Egypt and Pakistan and the top prize will be $25,000.
:: Arab News

Bahrain Considers Creating Underground Water Reservoirs
Bahrain is exploring the possibility of creating underground reservoirs to deal with the problem of water shortages. There has already been a small study into the health implications and the country will be submitted the full proposal to the UN. It is hoped the underground reservoirs would hold treated wastewater for use in irrigation.
::Gulf Daily News

4.8 million Euros For Jordan From The EU
Jordan also took part in the latest Mediterranean Cross-Border Cooperation meeting in Rome this week. A European Union program totalling 4.8 million euros was agreed for Jordan covering the fields of the environment, agriculture, water and renewable energy.
:: Petra News

:Image via flickr.

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