Amazing Water Capsule Makes Escaping Global Flooding a Dream

natural disasters, sustainable design, eco designIf you are a victim of global flooding, how do you want to float out?

If there’s going to be a global flood of epic proportions, we may as well approach it with imagination and style. That’s the thinking behind this crazy Water Capsule designed by Jay Stoughstenger. With global temperatures gradually increasing, there has been a corresponding increase in natural disasters and other global calamities that are often downright depressing. Perhaps weary of all this negative speak and eager to envision a soft transition to harder times, the Kuwait-based designer offers a more glamorous way to think about natural disasters, a way that encourages more a dream-like state than desperation or panic. And did we mention that these dreams are also “green?”

natural disaster, sustainable design, kuwait, jay stoughtenger

Made of fiber-glass reinforced white panels and comprised of several moderately-sized rooms, Jay’s Water Capsule gets its energy from the air and the sun. As can be expected from a design conceived in the Middle East, the interior is incredibly glamorous and futuristic looking, all of which is supposed to divert flood victims’ attention away from the tragedy outside to a more imaginative, uplifting space that makes leaving their drowned homes behind a little bit easier.

natural disasters, global flooding, eco-design, sustainable design

Kuwait has been using desalination for many years, so that country is well poised to fit the floating vessel with reverse osmosis technology that can provide decent drinking water. But nothing can be taken for granted, so a gray water recycling system has also been incorporated into the design.

Of course, this eco-design project has not been realized and we kind of hope it won’t need to be, but we do think it’s important to step out of humanity’s self-induced dark cloud and look for a silver, floating lining!

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