Better Place Announces First Trade-In Agreement for Electric Cars in Israel

"electric car israel"Better Place launches another brand new business in Israel – used electric car sales.

Better Place, the company bringing an electric car infrastructure to Israel, has been changing so much about how the Israeli public thinks about transportation.  It has educated the public about the benefits of using electric cars, taught us that a whole new electric infrastructure can be created to replace fossil-fuel-guzzling gas stations, and now it is teaching us that yes, there is such a thing as a used electric cares salesman.  According to a recent agreement between Better Place and Trade Mobile, Better Place customers will be able to enjoy car trade-in services when buying or selling Renault Fluence Z.E. electric cars.

This is the first such agreement of its kind in the Israeli electric car market and is opening up a whole new green industry.

The trade-in agreement is environmentally significant in two ways: firstly, customers will be able to trade-in their traditional cars when buying an electric car, and secondly, electric car users wanting to upgrade can trade-in their Renault Fluence and let someone else enjoy it second-hand.  In both instances, cars are kept out of the landfills and consumers are moving to electric.

Menashe Barak, the CEO Trade Mobile, said that “from the beginning Better Place expressed its desire to establish a high level trade-in system to provide quality service to its clientele, and this is out of an understanding of the importance of the ‘second-hand market’ to the company.

“We believe that a stable and valuable second-hand market of electric family-sized vehicles will develop in Israel over the next few years,” Barak said.

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Image via: Hakan Dahlstrom

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    I don’t understand why you devote so much time to this unsuitable car, for countries that make electricity from coal based power plants!maybe in Denmark could be suitable but not in Israel…

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