Eco-Hybrid Car From Qatar Unveiled During Climate Talks

Counteracting overwhelming criticism leveled at Gulf nations for their lack of environmental accountability, the Gulf Organisation for Research and Development (GORD) unveiled a low-emission, lower fuel consumption hybrid car-concept that can be applied to any vehicle. “The engine captures thermal waste energy that is utilized to generate electric energy to run hydrogen fuel cells using the potable […]


Is Car-Free Living Possible in the Suburbs?

How can eco-friendly transportation be improved in the suburbs? When contemplating whether to live in a city or in the suburbs, most people weigh the pros and cons of having more space or less space, being closer to better schools for their kids or having the convenience of everything nearby in an urban environment. But […]


Lebanon To Waive Taxes on Hybrid Cars

Tesla’s electric roadster (above) and Nissan’s LEAF could evade import tax to Lebanon this year. Israel probably thought it was alone in the region with its plans to lift (and then stiff) taxes from hybrids and electric cars until now: Its northern neighbor Lebanon says it will likely do the same. In the 2010 draft […]