Better Place Denmark Hopes to Get Electric Car Venture (Finally) Going in October

Denmark’s Better Place commercial launch may finally take place – in October

Better Place’s electric car project in Denmark will finally get going in that country after all, says easyecar blog author Martin Thomson, who is an authority on several electric car models that are vying to be introduced into Denmark.

Thomson, who earlier said that Better Place’s electric car network  might not be suitable to the Danish market ,  appears to have softened his views on the network, which requires car owners to use only their system of battery charging posts and exchange stations on a monthly “subscription” basis.

In an updated Green Prophet interview with Thomson, he said that despite earlier issues surrounding the Better Place idea of having its own network of battery recharging and exchange stations , the concept may work out in his country as long as the company’s infrastructure is developed enough to service these cars.

He told Green Prophet that “one of the problems facing Better Place is the availability of only one car model, the Renault Fluence EV, that will be offered in Denmark at special prices due largely to the Denmark government’s lowering of purchases taxes on electric car models.

The Fluence is a family sized car that may be too large for some people who may prefer a smaller car model that is lighter weight and easier to park. Thomson said that despite this issue, Better Place may have an advantage over other companies, such as Nissan, whose Leaf electric model will only be available in Denmark sometime in 2012. The leaf may not be available in the Middle East , however, due to problems in establishing an infrastructure for them.

MUTE EV: Not for sale but with possible suspension innovations

Thomson also explained that he plans to attend the Fall Frankfurt Motor Show that will run September 15-16. A number of electric car models will be on display at this show, including a small, “dune buggy” shaped experimental model, the MUTE EV that weighs only 500 kg.

Although not intended to be put into actual production, this EV car prototype features special handling abilities due to a unique suspension system that could easily be incorporated into actual production models. Despite the appearance of many EV models, the main theme of the Frankfurt show will still be fossil or bio fuel models, including a European made 5 door Honda Civic hatchback model, said to have much better ride and handling capabilities than four door salon models.

Honda Camouflage 5 Door: not electric

Thomson said he will let us know about Better Place’s progress when the actual debut takes place. In the meantime, Israel is still waiting for an actual Better Place launch date; although there is talk that some cars may be given trial experience tests in a few selected company lease fleets.

MUTE EV Photo:

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