Ecco Ukka Weaves Love, Magic and Recycled Materials into Fabric Jewelry

"ecco ukka fabric necklace"Ecco Ukka’s funky fabric jewelry pieces are green, fashion forward, and comfy all at the same time.

It’s not easy to make it cool to be green.  Eco conscious designers – who believe that you can have sleek Prada-esque taste and environmental values at the same timeoften have a hard time shedding the crunchy granola label.  Occasionally a handful of eco designers make it to the high ranks of haute couture (as is the case with Lebanese designer Ziad Ghanem), and we hope that they keep bringing high eco fashion to the world.  Liat Kadosh’s line of upcycled fabric jewelry – Ecco Ukka – is one more green design line that should make it there as well.

Trained as an industrial designer, Liat founded Ecco Ukka in 2009 when she could no longer resolve her work as a fashion designer with her personal ecological beliefs.  She saw the waste that the fashion industry generated and decided to take action.

"eco design jewelry ecco ukka"She began collecting fabric scraps from factories all over Israel and hand weaving them together with a special process that she developed herself.  This process not only ensures that the pieces are all one of a kind, but also that they feel comfortable and soft on the wearer’s body.

After weaving the fabric scraps together into a bracelet or necklace, Liat fits additional design elements to the jewelry which give each of the pieces a unique look.

"fabric bracelet design"In her own words, “love, magic and recycled materials are combined into contemporary fashion pieces. Ecco Ukka transforms industrial textile remains into unique one-piece jewelry items, perfection created through renewal.”

: Ecco Ukka

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