Yael Uriely Shows Us That Good Things Come in Upcycled Shapes, Colors and Sizes

Yael Uriely’s Dvarim Tovim (or “Good Things”) fabric jewelry line is made of vintage and upcycled materials.

Good things don’t always come in shiny, new, plastic packages.  Sometimes, according to Yael Uriely, they come in upcycled, vintage packages that bring us back to previous eras revisited.  Yael’s line of fabric jewelry, Dvarim Tovim (Good Things) is assembled almost completely from upycled, recycled, reclaimed and vintage materials, teaching us to rethink our concept of the new good thing.  Good things can sometimes just be new to us.

In Yael’s own words,”In my designs I try to combine old and new materials, turning them into fantastic art work. My inspiration is drawn from various styles; the Victorian era, the baroque era and new age.”

In explaining where she sources her materials, Yael explains that “I enjoy creating jewelry from recycled fabric, vintage fabrics, fabric scraps and old buttons and beads.  I find them while visiting flea markets, looking through old family women’s closets and fashion companies’ fabric scraps.”

“The raw materials I use are eco friendly as possible. The fabrics I use from fashion companies are environmental considering. They reduced the amount of chemical materials such as silicon and chlorine while creating the fabrics.  I also use a lot of vintage lace and crochet in my designs, I find them in flea markets and upcycle them into something new like necklaces or shrugs.  I try to keep my designs as “green” as possible.”

In conclusion, Yael writes that “I believe that you can live, fulfill your dreams and perform as a business while considering our community, and reducing the amount of damage to the environment.”

Yael’s designs can be found in her Etsy shop, Dvarim Tovim.

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