Japan’s Pre-Fukushima Solar Aid for Egypt Proceeds

egypt, solar power, photovoltaicsDespite problems confronted on its own soil, Japan proceeds with its commitment to fund a photovoltaic project in Egypt.

Japan’s International Cooperation Agency (JICA) announced that it will proceed with plans to support a solar energy generating station south of Alexandria. Egypt applied to the aid agency for assistance with the “Project for the Introduction of Clean Energy by Solar Electricity Generation System” long before the Fukushima accident usurped all of Japan’s attention and capital. The plan, approved by JICA in February 2010, includes a 420 kilowatt photovoltaic power plant that is expected to produce 641,000 kw by 2012.

Japan has committed to donating $11 million to the plant that will be installed in Borg al-Arab. The power generated (somewhat disappointingly) will be used to support a sports club, shopping mall, and dormitories.

Other poor Egyptians, who lack access to funding, are developing alternative solar heating solutions.

According to Bikya Masr, Masaki Kudo from JICA supervises the Kurayamat  solar hybrid plant near and notes that the authorities (whoever they may be as the country battles a bevy of post-revolution trouble) is looking to renewable energy to meet what amounts to a 10% annual growth in energy growth.

JICA will provide the equipment, and Egyptians will provide the manpower.

Given the ubiquity of Egypt’s solar resources, and the numerous dangers associated with nuclear power (though Egypt has yet to abandon its nuclear energy ambitions), we applaud this move.

:: Bikya Masr

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3 thoughts on “Japan’s Pre-Fukushima Solar Aid for Egypt Proceeds”

  1. Thanks Mukund. Egypt needs a lot of help right now. Seems like everyone does these days. Thanks for tuning in.

  2. Good to see Japan following through with this project despite the troubles at Fukushima. Hopefully there can be further solar plans to help the poor Egyptians.

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