Canada, Japan, Russia and France Bid to Build Jordan’s First Reactor

map of jordan with ammanThere’s no stopping Jordan: it will build a nuclear reactor outside of Amman despite risks.

In an unstable situation in good times, it’s surprising to learn that Jordan (with its plentiful sun) is intent on building its first nuclear reactor, for what it believes to be a source of nonpolluting, sustainable energy. In the wake of Chernobyl, and now Japan’s nuclear saga, the inability for humanity to learn from its past leaves me dumbfounded.

According to the Jordan Times, and earlier Bloomberg, Jordan has been accepting bids to build a $4 billion USD, 1,100 megawatt nuclear reactor within the next 10 years, outside of Amman.

Nuclear energy and the Middle East are two words that do not go well together, considering that just a couple months ago infidels sabotaged natural gas pipelines from Egypt heading to Jordan. Containing sabotaged nuclear reactors is a little more tricky.

It’s not too late to stop the process: Winners of the bid will be announced by December, with the frontrunners being Russian Atomstroy Export, Canadian AECL and a consortium comprising French firm AREVA and Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Since reactors are cooled by water, and Jordan remains quite dry, it’s perplexing at best, environmentalists argue, as to how this new project could be compatible with the environment. Not to mention that Jordan is situated on top of a fault zone. I am still scratching my head over this one.

One way readers against nuclear energy can appeal is by contacting authorities in Canada, Japan, France and Russia where the bidders are based. “Enlightened” nations from the developed world might better find ways to help Jordan learn from the West’s mistakes by helping Jordan adopt renewables, like solar energy.

:: Jordan Times

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3 thoughts on “Canada, Japan, Russia and France Bid to Build Jordan’s First Reactor”

  1. Ghassan Kharouf says:

    In fact, I agree with the establishment of a nuclear project in Jordan, I think that there are risks facing any country has a nuclear reactor such as Japan and the United States and most other countries that possess nuclear reactor on its territory, there are many possibilities for positive and negative, but building a nuclear reactor in Jordan, will support Jordan and constitutes the basis of a strong state and a new step to promote industrial development in Jordan

  2. farah haddad says:

    Can any of these countries build a safe nuclear reactor!? as in if our country ever god forbid and it is possible to be hit by an earthquake, knowing that our beautiful country is a hot spot for earthquakes. would we be able to avoid a nuclear catastrophe??

  3. Maisa says:

    I support nuclear energy in Jordan on moral grounds too. I don’t want Jordanians to get killed defending rich corrupt gulf fiefdoms in return for oil handouts. And I don’t want Jordan polluted with tons of chemical waste generated by batteries used to capture solar/wind energy. And I don’t want Jordanians to go poor while rich countries get richer as we pay them higher and higher prices for energy. and I don’t want Jordanians to choke on harmful fossil fuel emissions. And I don’t want more Arabs to get killed by West just so they can secure their energy needs from Arab fossil fuel. There are far more moral arguments for nuclear energy in jordan than against.

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