PETA Offers To Support Green Synagogue- But Only If They Promote Going Vegan!

PETA, the animal rights organisation, has offered to make a donation to the world’s first green synagogue which is currently under financial strain but on one condition…

The ground-breaking green synagogue in California that has been appealing for financial support to help keep it open has had a surprising- if unexpected- offer from PETA. The campaigning animals rights organisation known for its media-savvy and sometimes outright bizarre tactics has offered to make a donation to the synagogue on the condition that they agree to display PETA’s ‘Meat’s Not Green’ poster advocating a vegan diet in its synagogue.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) argue that whilst the Beth David synagogue is green, raising animals for food is a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution as well consuming large amounts of energy. As such, they state that one of the best ways to go green would be to adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet.

The animal rights organisation has also raised concerns about the daily abuse of animals in kosher slaughterhouses, which they state is “an egregious violation of Jewish principles.” PETA have previously urged Orthodox Jews to give up the fur hats, or shtreimels, that are typically worn by Hassidic men

I got in touch with Kristin Richards of PETA to find out if they’d had any response from the Beth David congregation but, as of 27 April 2011, their offer had not been accepted.

Kristin said, “Unfortunately, we haven’t received a response yet, but we continue to follow up with the synagogue as we look forward to speaking with Rabbi Corngold about this exciting opportunity.

“We hope to get our ad up at the synagogue as soon as possible to let congregation members know that the best way to go green, improve their own health, and help animals is to adopt a vegan diet.”

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