Project to Reduce Water and Electricity Consumption in 300 Mosques in Dubai

The ‘Green Mosques’ project hopes to help conserve water and electricity at 300 mosques- and save around US$1.5 million every year

Water scarcity in the Middle East is nothing new- in fact, the region has been struggling to cope with drought and water shortages for centuries. The only problem is that today, modern urbanisation and population increases have put immense pressure on dwindling water supplies which are already threatened by the effects of climate change. The solution: conservation.

As well as high rates of waste production, the UAE also happens to have one of the highest water consumption rates in the world with around 550 litres of water allocated per person each year. With this in mind, we were happy to hear of an important new scheme which plans to install water and electricity saving devices in 300 Dubai mosque. Not only will it help reduce consumption by 20% it will also help save around US$1.5 million (Dh6 million). Not bad, eh!

According to Gulf News, the 300 mosques which have been identified for the ‘Green Mosques’ project spent Dh26 on water and electricity in the previous year. “[If the same consumption rates continue] the bills could be Dh 32 million this year,” Sheikh Abdul Aziz told the Gulf News. “The project envisages saving Dh 6 million by reducing water and electricity consumption by 20 per cent.”

It appears that the person behind the ‘Green Mosques’ project is none other than the famed Green Sheikh. Green Prophet have been following the Green Sheikh– otherwise known as Abdul Aziz Bin Ali Al Nuaimi– for a while now and it’s great to see his green initiatives taking shape.

Back in December 2010, Gulf News reported that one mosque in Dubai had been able to save 15,000 gallons of water in one month after installing water saving taps. For such a simple step, that’s a very rewarding outcome which also shows that going green can be easy.

: Image via articotropical via flickr.

:: Gulf News

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