Bahrain’s Radiation Contingency Plan for Travellers from Japan

map japan bahrain nuclear radiationBahrain (A) will screen Japanese travelers (B) at airport if radiation levels rise.

It goes without saying that radiation, like air and water pollution knows no borders. Countries close to Japan, and even those farther away like Israel and the United States have already measured radiation from Japan’s troubled nuclear reactors. Now Bahrain authorities, a collection of 33 islands in the western Persian Gulf is bracing for radiation threats from Japan, according to Gulf News Daily. Part of Bahrain’s plan is to screen passengers arriving to the airport, and food, for traces of radiation. China has already found high levels of radiation on Japanese travelers that are cause for concern.

The efforts are organised by the Public Commission for the Protection of Marine Resources, Environment and Wildlife. Commission director Dr Adel Al Zayani said a unified plan across the Gulf region was absolutely vital: “We are taking all precautionary steps to minimise the risk of any radioactive contamination reaching Bahrain,” he said.

Meanwhile radiation levels in Bahrain, he said, were normal. The plan would be activated if radiation levels rise, and all people arriving to Bahrain by air would be screened, especially Japanese.

Radiation can damage the gene pool, according to studies from Chernobyl, and immediately damage thyroid functioning and the immune system. It can be carried by the body, and it sticks to hair – one of the reasons why Japanese were not allowed to bring their pets and livestock outside the contamination zone. There is a great read here on Japan’s radioactive dogs and cats.

The Bahrainis are reportedly consulting with radiation monitoring experts, especially including those from KAUST, or the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia.

::Gulf News Daily

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